XPS power supply for NDX2

Well, the 555PS was not on my radar. I bought both a XPS-DR and – a month or so later – a SuperCap DR. Those two gave my system a bigger overall lift than a 555PS alone would have.

Good afternoon all,

Having just installed my new XPS power supply into my system, I am very impressed how straight out of the box, it has lifted the performance of myNDX2 (which was extremely good bare!).

Some enjoyable listening ahead as it runs in.


Well, as it turns out getting a XPSDR and SCDR for my NDX2, instead of a 555PS, proved to be the smart move. A secondhand 252 came up on a good deal and with the SCDR I was ready to go for it, so I did (and a 300DR followed a couple weeks later).


@malcolm we almost share the same system and my plan was to add a 555 PSU to my NDX which on all the demos I have lisened too brought the main upgrade

following a new cable I purchased on saturday the 555 has gone on hold for a while, if not cancelled all togther, I has always been an advocate for the seperate PSU but the new Titan Electria cable is something else on my bare NDX and may bring the same to your NDX2 - just a thought
the value of the cable vs the return on music has to be heard - it’s astonishing!! and below Β£500

Congratulations Malcolm, you will have a few β€˜wow’ moments ahead as things settle in!


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