XPS power supply for NDX2

Good afternoon all,

Earlier this year I upgraded to an NDX2 from NDX and have been very impressed with the improved sound quality. Main use is internet radio and playing CD ripped files.

It was mentioned to me recently that the addition of an external power supply (XPS) would bring further improvements, so I have been giving some thought to this possibility.

I would be interested in feedback from any members who have gone down this particular route.

The rest of my system consists of:
Klimax level LP12
Superline/HCap (none DR)
NAC 252/SCap DR
NAP 300 (none DR)
Kudos C20 speakers

Thanks in advance for comments


I did a ndx2 demo with and without PS and tried xpsdr and the 555dr. I preferred the ndx2 with a ps it gives an overall uplift in sound quality and better soundstage. I thought the xpsdr was excellent value giving a good 70% of what the 555ps brings to the party. However, if you have thoughts on further upgrades like nd555, then perhaps best to save for the 555ps?

I bought a NDX2 in May this year and it was a significant upgrade over my old ND5XS (1). In July my dealer offered me a used XPSDR. My wife agreed for us to take it home to audition, thinking it wouldn’t be that much of a change, and she could convince us that we don’t need it.

We played one of her favorite rock tunes with the XPSDR. It sounded great and she was happy, thinking that would be the end. Then I added the XPSDR and we played the same tune again. Within 30 secs, she turned to me with tears in hers eyes (literally, for the loss of another $3K…LOL) saying it was “better…no, a LOT better.”

The XPSDR is indeed a transformative improvement. With just the NDX2 my analog front end is clearly better. With the addition of the XPSDR the lines begin to blur. And that’s saying a lot coming from me, traditionally a vinyl curmudgeon who used to only play digital for casual listening.


Malcolm, welcome to the forum!

My system configuration is: NAS > NDX 2 > SuperNait 2 > NAC A5 > NAIM Ovator S-400

I upgraded from a NDX to a NDX2 earlier in the year. I currently have a demo XPS DR power supply at the house. After several days of listening I have asked my dealer to order one for me. When I added the XPS to the system there was an immediate difference in the music, wider soundstage, clarity, uplift in the base, many ‘wow’ moments.If you can get a home demo, I would recommend it, but only if you have the money to spend. If you demo a PS you will want one…

Good luck with your decision.


For many years I enjoyed the NDX > Naim DAC + XPS.

Back in June, I traded-in the NDX and Naim DAC on a new NDX 2.

The NDX 2 is a world class source, and it gets a significant boost in performance with the addition of an XPS power supply.

The rest of my system is a NAC 202 + NAPSC + HiCapDR > NAP 200.

With your NAC 252 + SuperCapDR > NAP 300, I am sure you will enjoy the boost in performance a power supply brings to the NDX 2.

I definitely recommend auditioning the NDX2 with the power supply that fits your budget.

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I can concur with other posts above, having added an XPS to my NDX2, run with a SN2 and HiCap. The improvement is immediate with a wider soundstage, lower noise floor with more resolution of detail and better timing.

I have also added a power filter due to mains noise, which has further improved all of the above, most particularly with lowering the noise floor further and bringing everything into focus.

Hi Gazza, thank you for your response.

I like your subjective assessment of 70% for the XPS versus the 555PS.

The ND555 is not really on my radar at the moment so for me, the 555PS would be over-kill.
Again, thanks.

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Hi JosquinDesPrez,

Thanks for your comment. Your experience chimes with mine. I was immediately impressed with the NDX2 for my home demo compared to my old NDX, and I certainly agree the new version is getting closer to vinyl.

I see another home demo on the horizon.

cheers, Malcolm

Hi seakayaker,

Thanks for your input. I guess I shall be following in your ‘footsteps’ and arranging a home demo!

I am looking forward to the experience.

Best regards,

Hi razzzor1963

Thank you very much for your response.

I am now looking very much forward to arranging a home demo and am sure adding an XPS will bring about a significant improvement.



Hi Mike_S,

Thanks for you comments.

There is certainly a consistent theme of a major improvement by adding the XPS to the NDX2.

As mentioned in replies to other respondees, I will be arranging a home demo as soon as possible.

I will keep you all updated of progress.

Kind regards



Hi Mike,

Also coming from NZ I am very interested in your thoughts about a power filter. Without breaking any forum rules I think I can guess which brand. Does it work?
I have PowerLines on everything (not boasting) will the power filter work with these?


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Hi, yes it works well thanks, lower noise floor and more focus. Though it took a few days to lose some harshness. I don’t think there is any issue with naming them, there are whole threads about them. I have an Iso-tek Sirius board/filter on my main system and a Polaris on my second system. My dealer was in favour of the filter before PowerLines, and my pockets are bottomless I have discovered :heavy_dollar_sign::face_with_raised_eyebrow: but yes, I believe they are compatible and Iso-tek do cables too.

I borrowed my dealers mains noise meter to measure before and after noise pollution and both products have almost eliminated noise. There are other products higher up the range for matching with bigger systems but I don’t have room for them in my setup, so a power board filter is a really tidy solution and not-silly money.

Anyway, it’s probably a good idea to measure the noise first to see if you have an issue, unless you already know? I couldn’t hear my noise, it just masks the noise floor, you only “hear” it when it is gone.

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Thanks Mike,

A really helpful answer. I think from the recommendation about measuring the noise pollution I know you have been speaking to a very knowledgeable dealer :blush: (he will remain nameless)
A power filter is something I am definitely considering and from the feedback I have heard it should be Isotek.


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Ah, I see. Well, said noise meter is in my car awaiting my trip to Auckland next week.

The 555dr ps is overkill on the NDX2 then? I have an XPSDR and was thinking of upgrading it. Have heard mixed bags on the effectiveness of 555drps. As would be using only one burndy (NDX2) does this limit what the 555drps can do? I don’t plan on upgrading the NDX2 at present. Thanks.

When i had an NDX2 demo i thought the Xpsdr got you to within about 70% of the sound quality of the NDX2/555ps. If you have no intention of upgrading, the xpsdr is a great upgrade imo.

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LOL – marvelous. Makes me wonder what would have happened if it was a 555DR… :wink:


That’s exactly what I was wondering :rofl:

Ime it’s another one way street :slightly_smiling_face: Think of the XPS DR as turbo charging the host component :smiley: whereas the 555 PS DR super charges the host component :sunglasses: