XPS Power supply

Hi everyone, can someone please advise as to what circuitry the XPS powers on the NDX. The only reason I ask that I am thinking of using the DAC section only on my NDX, with a new front end supplying the data. Many thanks

The XPS2 or XPS DR powers all of the NDX as the NDX’s internal supply is not used at all when the outboard supply is used.

If you are looking to use the NDX as just a DAC then I would suggest trading it for a Naim DAC instead, as this is much better as a DAC in my experience.

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Richard, what are your thoughts on this regarding the NDS as a dac vs just using an ndac instead?

I realise the OP’s original question about the XPS2 would be irrelevant with the NDS, being a prerequisite.

I am only wondering, here, about the dac question.
I hope this isn’t regarded as a thread hijack, as it is basically the same question, but NDS rather than NDX!

Thank you for any insight…

Thanks Richard, temp measure until I can get my hands on an NDX2. Keen to try out Qobuz and see how it compares to Tidal HiFi. £150 on the latest craze which sounds like it is pretty good though. I was just checking to see if the XPS only powered part of the NDX, I was wrong🤣

The DAC part of the NDS is similar to the NaimDAC but adds the mass loaded suspension system, which is a very worthwhile upgrade. I’ve never compared back to back with the Naim DAC but did reckon the NDS was superb and quite a big step beyond the NDX and PS.

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