XPS vs SXPS Burndy

How do you tell the difference between these two cables? I thought that the original XPS burndy was grey in colour and the SXPS is black. Is this correct?


The original XPS Burndy was grey. There was then an improved version in black. Then during XPS2 production came a further improved version, also in black, called the S-XPS Burndy. The way to identify this last one is that it has S-XPS printed on the collar band.

Thanks Richard. So a black Burndy labelled NA XPS-46 on the collar band is the improved original burndy, not the S-XPS?

Yes. An S-XPS Burndy will specifically say it’s an S-XPS.

For reference, the S-XPS Burndy arrived a few years into XPS2 production.

Thanks Richard.

I always found the s-xps band just a little diy and somewhat unconvincing but having said that, if by any chance you have the two to compare directly, you cannot get them wrong, the S-XPS is so shockingly better:)

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