When does the modification of the XPS into the XPS2 occur? I’m not talking about the DR mod. I understand it says “XPS” on the back of the XPS2, but how do I know what I’m getting if I buy one second-hand? Is there a serial number limit?

These 2 links should help you.

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It only says that it was upgraded to DR. I understand the mod into XPS took place before that.

The XPS is olive. The XPS2 is black.

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I would’ve thought when the CDS3 was launched?

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XPS features a “smaller” 400VA to 430VA transformer as I understand it,
the XPS2 a 500VA transformer… but you’d have to pry it open… :grimacing:
I’m joking… Mk 2 is in a black box while the original [xps] is in an olive guise.

Do a search on this on the Forum -

“Difference powersupplies XPS and XPS2?”

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