XPS2 and Hicap 2 to a Naim NDac to SN2


How should I connect all these together:

Naim Supernait 2
Naim NDac
Hicap 2
Power Supply XPS2

  1. Will Hicap 2 non DR with SN2 be contraproductive?
  2. Where to connect XPS2? to NDac or directly to SN2
  3. Should I leave HC2 out of the system as I can’t connect it to NDac?

Thanks a lot.

The XPS2 can only be connected to the Naim DAC here, so that’s easy.

There may well be advantages to using a standard HICAP on the Supernait 2 (after all the HICAP was rather good even before the DR update) if it’s still in good health and not in need of servicing; for one its a much bigger power supply than the one for the pre-amp section in the SN, for two it unburdens the Supernait’s power supply so it can be dedicated to the power amp section.


Hello Richard.

Fantastic, I forgot to have a look at the baclk of the SN2.
I have to admit that it is a Hicap serial number 25… checked, recapped in 2021, and the seller told me I would have fun with it. The postman should bring it in any minute actually.

Kind regards.

So I got my Hicap and the Logo is less bright then all my other Naim components. Should I ask for a refund as the seller told me the brightness would be very good. It annoys me.

You see it at the left bottom

Hififriend, rather than starting a new thread, I have moved your post to your existing one.

Hello Richard. I wanted 25 eur back, now I descended at 15 eur. What do you think as I am disappointed as he said it would be nearly as new. Kind regards. HF

So I got my refund, good seller, honest man. Deal closed.

I don’t know about SN2, but on my old SN1 getting my HC upgraded to DR was a very substantial improvement. Best VFM upgrade I’ve made I would say. For an SN2 I’d still be looking for a DR version as upgrades are no longer available.


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