XS-2 vs XS2

Hi, does anyone know what the difference is between the XS-2 and XS2 or are they the same?



XS-2 is a revision of the original XS, a cosmetic fascia change basically.
Both the original 5 Series Fascia XS and XS Series Fascia XS-2 will say NAIT XS on the rear panel, whereas a NAIT XS 2 will say NAIT XS 2 on the rear panel!
The XS2 is the second generation of the NAIT XS.
I’ve owned both in the past myself.

Thanks, any preference between the two and would they be an upgrade from a 5i?

I believe the XS2 was 60 watts and the XS 2 was 70 watts.

I seem to recall the combo I personally liked the most was a XS2 + HiCap DR

Many thanks


The systems I had around that time were mainly Naim CD source, CD5, CD5i and later a CD5 XS, that was nice as it had an option to support a flatcap or HiCap and a BNC Digital out. I later used that as a transport in to a Chord DAC and an ND5 XS2, nice setup overall.

The xs was and still is a major upgrade from the nait 5i. Check the reviews, many suggest it was almost supernait level. I have the xs-2 and a 5i. The xs-2 is the xs in a more substantial casing.

The XS-2 did have some internal minor revisions other than just a change of facade over the original XS I believe.

Ah, I wasn’t aware.

Wasn’t it just to align the whole XS range under one mechanical ID?
I don’t recall them changing the internals, but it was a while ago, and my memory isn’t the sharpest to be fair!

Knowing Naim it could have been simply the angles of wire dressing and position of cable ties. A different grade of ceramic on the heat sinks. More a refinement.

The stuff of myth and legends! Someone will know and chip in eventually I’m sure :partying_face:

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