XS 3 / Flatcap

I am two weeks into my new Niat XS3 amp, I am thinking of getting the FlatCap PS upgrade.
Has anyone done this yet?
Deck is a rega planer 3, speakers are mint CDM1s.

Haven’t done it on a Nait XS3 but have done it successfully on Nait XS and before that, a Nait 5. A flatcap is a proven upgrade on a slimline Nait. Flatcap XS for best results on yours.

Get behind some sandbags though and get a tin helmet on. You are going to take stick for asking about the upgrade when you have only had the amp 2 weeks!


I would consider a HiCap.
It does beg the question why upgrade after two weeks when you could have bought the Supernait 3.
Perhaps your dealer might exchange?

I’d focus on the source first, there is more to gain there

Have to concur with @Ardbeg10y, you money will better spent at the source.
I run a P8 through an XS3 and the amp holds its own.
I borrowed a FC some time ago and tried it with my then amp, XS2… no discernable difference.
With the FC, to me it’s a psychological issue, you see another box, so it must sound better.
Get a p6 with a good Mm cart instead.

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Byuing a new Flatcap XS is mostly paying for Salisbury air.
Its a minor upgrade, I found them best used on my CD5XS player
I wonder if they ever sell those PSU anymore.?

A hicap will be a true upgrade for amps/preamp.
These are available second hand for a lot less than new, and any version is identically inside apart from DR. Buying an old Chrome or Olive make sure its been serviced or prepare for such as they could be 20-35 years old.

Your setup seem quite balanced depending on the cartridge turntable setup I’d be looking into upgrades there, wall shelf etc.

I’d be getting a better turntable. It will make far more of a difference than a Flatcap.

Upgrade the Rega first, more bang for your GBP.

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