XS2+HcDR vs XS3+HcDR

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I flew over the results that came back after search but not informative enough. I have CD5XS-FcXS-XS2-HcDR set up in my home country. I have just bought a new ND5XS2 as an addition. I will be back in one year. I still have some year-end funds to swing XS3, especially before a price hike. But will it be a proper upgrade or I should just not bother? SN3 is not my cup of tea (No SN has ever been).

Did anyone hear or try in their system XS3 against XS2 with HcDR before? I cannot do that comparo here in the dealer, let alone in my place. I also plan to get ProAc T10 Sigs to change my PMC 20.21s. But that’s another story.


I wouldn’t bother swapping a 2 for a 3 for the difference you’ll get, unless the phono stage would be useful. You say the SN3 is off the agenda but I wonder if you’ve tried it? The SN3 / T10S works really well - these small speakers really benefit from a bit of drive. I’d certainly put prejudice aside and do the comparison.

I can’t help but it’s possible @Stephen_Tate may be able to.

I can echo HH here in as far as that the SN3 is the one to go for. The XS 3 won’t be significant enough, over the 2 for the change involved. I went from a NAIT XS 2 to the SN3 with a ND5 XS 2 and the jump was quite a leap in performance. If wanting to include a HiCap DR then I’d be inclined to factor in a NDX 2 as well, with either the SN3 or XS 3

Hi @Hal, If you want to stay with XS boxes and you’ve money to spend, you could consider an nDAC. In my experience the nDAC transforms a CD5XS and many have found it worth using with an ND5XS2. They’re a bit thinner on the ground now but if you can find one, I doubt if you would regret adding it to your setup.



The ProAcs T10s are easy to drive and quite amp friendly, I do not think you need an SN3 for its muscles but would rather think what character suits you. If you like the XS2, I think it will like the T10s. Feedback for the XS3 seems very positive although I’ve not heard it myself yet.

Thank you all.

I heard original SN and SN2 before pulling the trigger on XS2 in 2014 or 2015. I do not remember now. They were dark, kind of slow and with heavy bottom, for me at least. I liked XS2 more. I never heard SN3. Certainly, it should be better than XS3, considering the outlay. But not so sure it will give me the bounciness of XS. No prejudices. Only some observations. Btw, not interested with phono stage or improved headphone. I will never get a turntable.

No, I cannot go higher than ND5 now. I’ve just got it and it is mainly for convenience and comfort. I will continue to do main listening with CD5XS. Always snubbed upon but I am still a CD guy. Of course, NDX2 would be nicer with display and remote. I already have HcDR.

I do not think I can find a pre-owned nDAC where I live in. I could get it if I can but it looks like DAC technology and its implementation move fast. Same applies to streamers. I hope my ND5 would not become obsolete soon. I think I can use ND5 for DAC, but will it be as good as nDac, highly doubt it.

Never tried for sure but I understand from what I read and watched that ProAc T10 Sigs definitely benefit from proper amping. @hungryhalibut And especially after reading a feedback in this thread. Still, I do not think they need enormous wattage. I remember a video on …tube from 2018 or 2019, from Bristol show, maybe I’m wrong, where they were auditioning T10 Sigs ebony with Nait5si or XS something. But CD player looked like mighty CDX2. Yes, I read many good stuff about XS3.

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Very nice. Those speakers will also need proper stands when I get them. I suppose I still have Solid Steel SS7 stands somewhere. Would they be good enough for T10 Sigs?

I can’t hear that enough!

I have the Falcon stands and think they are really very good (after some experimentation with various others), not tried the SS but my guess is they would work well indeed.

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