XS2 paired with Buchardt S400

I found an old thread regarding Buchardt S400 and XS2, but it was closed and couldn´t get any wiser after reading it.

Is there anyone with the setup of XS2 and Buchardt S400? If yes, what is your experince and compared to what?

I have XS2 and B&W CM6 S2 today and my feeling is that I lack a bit of power. I have a possibility to switch my CM6 for a pair of S400, with some money between of course.


(Welcome! You can always “flag” the last post on a closed thread. That obtains moderator attention and you can ask for the thread to be reopened. I don’t know if moderators apply any criteria to that, but suspect as long as the thread just timed out that they’d just reopen as requested)

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I don’t know much about the S400 speakers but I do find them very attractive to look at.

As for the CM6/XS2 combo, I had this combo for a few years. While serviceable I was so much happier once I switched speakers. From what I recall the Cm6 speakers sounded good at first but they were bright in hindsight. CM6 didn’t have the sound I was after but it was a good starting place.

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