XS3 plus HiCap DR or Supernait 3?

The interesting- and frustrating- aspect of Naim gear is the somewhat complicated steps in putting a system together. I was considering a Uniti product because I’m interested in streaming, but after reading here I’m thinking I might be better off with separate amplification and streamer later.

Anyway, here’s the situation. Would I be better off getting an XS3 and a HiCap DR, or a Supernait 3? The cost differential here in the US is about $1K more for the XS3/HiCap and from my reading here it seems like PS upgrade is preferable over amp upgrades. Plus I would have the HiCap available for use with additional Naim products.

I still do primarily CD and LP- Rega Saturn R, Project Xpression

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I had an XS2 and HicapDR, and came to think why didn’t I have an SN2 instead. Replaced the XS2 with an SN2 , to my ears a big improvement, I wouldn’t hesitate to reccomend an SN



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SN3 , better sound/ less number of boxes.
Least expensive ( vs the combo)
and because you don’t know the future,
You may or not upgrade (losing the only advantage of the separates - with the added flexibility)

I had XS2 and HC DR, went recently to SN3 and retained the HC, just get more of everything that I liked on XS2 but huge gains in transparency and greater realism.

I did try previous versions of SN but they didn’t agree with me, hence the XS2 combo.

The SN3 is very capable, I’ve got a Rega Aria phono stage connected to it but could happily live with the native phono stage, it is excellent.

My vote would be SN3 over XS3 and HC, but listening is everything based on my previous experience.

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SN3 for sure.

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