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If there are any XTC nutters out there like yours truly (must be one somewhere…) then some great news recently announced:

  1. Colin Moulding and Terry Chambers new band T,C & I are releasing a live CD of their Swindon residency of last autumn. It features all the Colin penned XTC singles like Making Plans for Nigel and Generals & Majors. Released on 16th August.

  2. Finally (!!!) Andy Partridge announces new material with the legendary English songwriter Robyn Hitchcock - an EP available on cd or vinyl which is released on 6th September. This is really big news for XTC fans.

  3. Black Sea remaster is released on 200g vinyl on 13th September.

We’ll never see a new XTC album but this is a very close second best…


Thanks for that.


Count me in. Big XTC fan here.

Pre ordered already.

You, my friend, are a person of taste and integrity. Pre-ordered here also.

What’s your favourite XTC? Mine is Nonesuch. White Album quality songs throughout.

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Just as an side, I haven’t played any XTC in a while and you reminded me that my favourite of theirs is Chalkhills & Children from Oranges & Lemons - such a beautiful song. The production from Paul Fox is astonishing as Andy & Co do their Beach Boy stuff.

Andy Partridge is without doubt pure genius.

Apple Venus Vol 1 has to be up there with their best. Skylarking takes some beating but I still have most affection for Black Sea.

I once read a review of Nonesuch which simply said ‘perfik pop’. Sums them up nicely.



My favourite is Apple Venus Vol 1. I love them all though.


It’s my pick as well, although I like almost all their albums.

I was lucky enough to be at the aforesaid TC&I gig at Swindon late last year. To hear some of Colin Moulding’s brilliant songs like Grass, Bungalow and The Meeting Place played live for the very first time was pretty emotional. Made this middle aged old git come over very unnecessary.

Like most XTC fans I have always been hugely frustrated that they remain a bit of an insiders secret despite the early singles having some success. Their real brilliance was achieved later in their career. They lacked real marketing muscle. If you think about it - if they had aggressively targeted the gazillion of Beatles fans around the world with Skylarking, Oranges & Lemons, Nonesuch, Apple Venus and Wasp Star - they should have cleaned up, and Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding would have been household names.

But sadly back in the real world we have Ed Sheeran, Adele, George Ezra, Bruno somebody and so on. Beam me up Scotty.

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Wish I had seen that gig. Totally agree regarding all their albums. They did get better as they went along.

Dukes of Stratosphear vinyl re issues plus a cd/blu ray with remixes demos and other extras.

Check out Burning Shed website for details. I have original vinyl copies so I just pre ordered cd/blu Ray.


Oh thanks for that Prem. You’re a good man Albert Brown etc etc…!!

Ditto and ditto!

English Settlement all day long for me,almost saw them live,got to Manchester Apollo to be informed that show was cancelled due to Andy Partridges stage fright :sleepy:.
But what a great songwriter!

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