Yet another type of source

Hello all - some time ago I posted on the Aune x5s, an affordable little device that plays hires downloads frim SD cards, with great sound via coax out. I realise most of us are satisfied with a streamer/ nas set up - my goal however is to have the ability to play back downloads without the distractions of a network.

Looking for more in this field, I have now added a Shanling EM7 to the stack. Not quite as affordable, but this unit is effectively an android pc with embedded (folding) screen and audiophile backend. Designed as headphone transport and amp in one, but very useful as digital player. It can stream from suppliers and nas, but also excels with a local library on microsd or usb harddrive.

Initial impression is both management of a large music library as well as sound are wonderful with coax to external dac. I haven’t tested the analogue out, yet.

That’s a lot of cash, 2000 Euro?

At that budget I’d be tempted by a lightly used ND5XS2 and a SanDisk MobileMate (10 euro).

Novelty comes at a price! This is more like an HDX, with added headphone amp.

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