Seems like the answers above all pretty much cover it. The only thing I would add is that there is a new interactive section at the Railway Museum, aimed at kids (7 to 14 or so I think). Various friends have been and rave about it (we’re booked to go, but haven’t been yet…).

Focussed on innovation and science, sounds a bit like the Launchpad section of the London Science museum (if that’s still there?).

You have to book (and pay), but if that’s your kind of thing, then it sounds worth a look. It’s called “Wonderlab”.

As for Vickers, yes it’s out on an industrial estate now. I called in a few months ago to talk about subs (they are a REL dealer). I’d been to their shop once when it was in town about 20 years ago. On both of my visits I left feeling the same way - that they had no interest in talking to me and that they were vastly superior. I don’t want to bad mouth them generally, I hadn’t made an appointment, to be fair, and I am sure that they have many very happy customers. Just my experience.

Sound Organisation on the other hand - completely the opposite. An absolute pleasure to call in on (and still in town, so you can just pop in without a special out of town trip).

Anyway, whatever you choose to do, enjoy your trip!


We went there with the kids some years back and like everywhere there was good and bad. Lots going on in the old town area including street entertainment, the museum gardens and separately, York Castle Museum are things I’d add to the feedback you’ve been given.

Conversely I recall steering the kids clear of drunken hen parties and passed-out young (and not so young) ladies in the middle of the day, the NHS and Police picking the worst examples up off the pavement to keep them safe, steering clear of used syringes during a wall walk and the fact that the Ouse can rise up if there’s lots of rainfall. None of which would put me off going there tomorrow, such is the atmosphere and beauty of the place.


Oh yes. At all the locations in Yorkshire. Utter ripoff.


There used to be quite a decent model railway set up at the side of the station.
Don’t know if it’s still there bit going to York tomorrow if forecast is for dry weather

I can’t think of a city anywhere that I would rather visit. As said the Railway Museum is amazing, Yorkminster fantastic and the JORVIK essential. Have a great trip.



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Sorry Bruce and James, have to disagree with you there. Yes Betty’s is expensive, and yes it’s a ball-ache to queue, but for old fashioned (in a good way) service, quality and charm, it’s always a wonderful treat IMHO.


Well, I’m going to say do go to Betty’s, especially if you’ve never been before. Value for money depends on how one defines value, of course: if it’s simply quantity of produce you want, I’m sure there’s a greasy spoon on the A19 that will feed you to within an inch of your life for tuppence.

One the other hand, if a pleasant, slightly old-fashioned (in a good way) tea-room ambience is what you’re after, and you value quality as well as quantity, I’d say Betty’s is great. Not cheap, by most people’s standards, but that’s not the point.

That said, like anywhere, I’m sure it’s much more enjoyable at quieter times. I have wonderful memories of the huge fishbowl branch in St Helen’s Square but they were after late choir rehearsals midweek, so the staff could give us more attention than when it’s packed to busting.



Depending on when in December you plan on visiting, I’m surprised no one has mentioned the York institution that is Berwick Kaler’s annual pantomime. He had retired but is back with his regular gang and now at the Grand Opera House. It starts on 6 December this year. Another vote for Betty’s for me, it isn’t cheap but it’s a lovely treat. Another suggestion the kids might like is York’s Chocolate Story, again not cheap for a family though.


Betty’s - Yorkshire curd tart :yum:


The drunken hen parties definitely seem to be an issue on Sat afternoons, over by The Shambles and thereabouts. Almost worthy of Viz !

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San and Tray? :grinning:


Rainy day. About 4 years ago. Bit of a Shambles. Enjoyable.
Walk part of the city walls
Visit Railway Museum

Have a good time. Enjoy.


Spot on. It’s not cheap but it is an experience, an old fashioned traditional one. Not cheap but the bigger issue is the queue. Yorkshire curd tart & Fat Rascals highly recommended.


And this time of year, their advent cake version of the rascal :yum:.



Just spent the day there, Not been for a few years but thought it was looking a bit run down in places with empty units. Found a great place for lunch, Lucky Days cafe on Church St.
Used to be loads of independent shops, not so many now just chains

We spent most of last week in York and had a great time! Took much of the advice given about places to visit, although was unable to get to Betty’s (queue was huge, but did manage to have a Big Mac in the Mcd’s a few doors down so I’m counting it :joy:). Kids loved the Harry Potter link and the transport museum. Naim even made a cameo appearance…

Thanks all for chipping in with your suggestions! Happy new year :partying_face:


I know that window well! Very pleased you enjoyed your visit.


My system has been almost completely Ship-of-Theseus-ed since I last bought from that fine emporium, but I’m still using a couple of long runs of Linn K10 and some shorter K20 I bought from them as much as thirty years ago.