Planning to take the family up to York for a few nights before crimbo. Are there any locals on here who could suggest good family friendly areas to attend (or things to avoid!)?

Also, looking at staying in the Premier Inn on Blossom St South and walking into town. What’s the area like?

Many thanks!

I’m sure you will get some great advice re York.
A city on my list to visit.
I got some invaluable advice for my trip to Paris / Versailles this summer from forum members.
Good thing about the international element to the forum.
Enjoy your visit.

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Know the area well, our best friends live half a mile away near the racecourse and we walk past that hotel into town. The area around is fine, close to the railway station and Micklegate. York is a compact city (within the walls) and all the major sights are easy walking distance.

There are lots of things to do and see. Might depend on the ages of your kids but Harry Potter is a big thing (filmed on some of the streets). There is also Yorvik etc although I have to say both of those attractions aren’t for me! The Railway Museum is fantastic though, suitable for kids of all ages

This link might be helpful?

And this



Thanks for the info. Wasn’t aware of the Harry Potter link, super excited now! The kids will love it!

I can’t say I find trains remotely exciting, but the Railway Museum is fantastic. It’s a good family thing to do.


Definitely check out the Jorvik Centre and have a look in the Minster and the remnants of the Roman basilica in the Crypt.

I need to get back up there and have another look at these attractions.

The Castle Museum would be a fun place to take kids. As a youngster I used to go there on school trips and get creeped out with stuff like the old prison cells.


The “Visit York” links posted above by BruceW have just about got things covered.

If you’re planning to come in late December, then the Chrissy market will be on in Parliament Street, and is usually worth a bimble round.

There’s a great choice of on-the-hoof street food, both in the outdoor market off Parliament Street, and just down the road at container city, or Spark, to give it its posh name, which is deffo worth a visit.

You’ll have a great time.


Great place to visit. I’ve been a regular visitor over the years and have a friend in Fulford. Can only echo the voices re: the railway museum. It never disappoints. Jorvik is also a good call but two caveats.

One - Jorvik on our last visit was clearly going downhill. I hope it has improved but it was awful last time we visited.

Two - you are proposing to visit at the one moment I absolutely wouldn’t. Once the markets are up and running the place is hell and its compact nature becomes a detriment rather than an asset. It can be overcrowded to the point of cramped and oppressive on some key streets and getting simple sit down food and drink at lunch time is a challenge you will simply fail repeatedly unless you have booked everything in advance. Christmas parties are on the loose and… well any time of year bar December.


Just wandering round the walls is great if warm enough. Also go to the Kathe Wolfart Christmas Shop near the Cathedral. Busy but magical .


Do try to walk at least a short section of the city walls - my favourite bit is from Micklegate Bar clockwise round to Lendal Bridge. You’ll get a classic view of the Minster.

Try to see as much of the Minster as you can. A choral evensong service will be free and the acoustic is awesome. The choir and organ have always been very good. Extra points if you come back on here and tell me where you saw my avatar image.

30 years ago, I could have recommended some great record shops but, y’know…


That’s a “must do” place to visit, (In Stonegate). :+1:


I remember a really good specialist record shop near Micklegate Bar which did classical and jazz but sadly, long gone.

Yeah - about halfway down Micklegate on the right as you went towards the river? Was it called the Blake Head Record Shop or something like that?

I bought lots of s/h classical CDs from there, in the days when there wasn’t a great supply of such and the new ones were very expensive.

I got this for about £15 from there in the mid-90s. The original receipt was still inside: it cost £26 in HMV in 1990!



Blake Head Record Shop - that’s the one. Picked up a couple of obscure out of print Blue Note CDs there, s/h for a fiver (Pete LaRocca was one). Also strong on ECM as I recall, really nice store and I was sad to see it gone.

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Are Vickers Hifi still in York

We visited York on the 3rd Dec last year (Wrexham game - I know!!), the centre was absolute hell, had to shuffle from shop to shop to find the better half. Get there early and leave early if possible.

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Yeah that was my last visit :slight_smile:

I went to the match with my son; his then girlfriend; my mate from York and a mate from Crawley. Post match we found one place outside with seats in the rain and after two hours trying to find anywhere that wasn’t a Greggs for a late lunch we gave up and ended up back at the railway station. Talking to the lad from York he said that had it not been to meet us and go to the match he’d not venture into the city centre at that time of year unless before 11am. The local bar and restaurant owners were lovely but without fail they advised that not booking for any meal in December was our undoing.

If you want food in York in December then you’re eating in your hotel or booking every meal in advance.

I would echo @Proterra take a walk around the walls.
If the Sound Organisation is still running take a detour …

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SORG is all you need😜


Google says yes. I only bought a pair of small Mission speakers from them when they were still in the middle of town. They’ve been out on an industrial estate for a while now.

Sound Organisation are in my top 3 Naim dealers. I believe the sainted Hamish has now retired, but I’m sure they are still as wonderful as ever.