You lovely Supercap2!

Been using an HCDR with the Superline for a couple of months - a game of pluses and minuses with that. Never quite happy. Last night decided to unbox my Supercap2, which had been idle due to lack of rack space. I jury-rigged an arrangement so it could sit next to the Fraim - not ideal but it serves for now.

Long story short, bless you SC2. All the detail I liked with the HC, plus the musical coherence of Aux2…with a gorgeous sense of space, more room to breathe, more ease at higher volume…more everything in its place and playing together…bass is more integrated…you get the picture.

What a delight the Supercap2 is. So glad I didn’t sell it as I’d intended last year.

Not going to DR it. I like it the way it is.


With you on that one Stevie re Hicapdr with Superline

Didn’t do it for me really - it was quite good in fact but but I knew there was more for the taking

Enter the SupercapDR - bliss

Nothing more to add



Occasionally I get a creeping feeling that I need a 552 so that the SCDR gets freed up for the SL :joy:

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I had the same experience with the SuperLine. Via the 282’s Aux, it had a lovely natural presentation, but without the hi-fi fireworks. With a SuperCap, it had all the hi-fi attributes I could wish for, without sacrificing the natural quality. But with a HiCap, it seemed like it fell between two stools: the hi-fi side of things improved a few notches, but it was no longer as natural sounding, as if I had traded one set of attributes for another. It left me wanting more.

It was only after asking for advice here that I even considered putting the SuperCap on the SuperLine and the HiCap on the 282. That just sounded like it would be unbalanced, but I found it better overall.

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Funny that but it’s more than creeping, overbearing I’d say!

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Yes, you sum it up very well. My feelings with the HCDR on SL exactly - it sounded very good but after awhile I felt the music wasn’t as involving. It seemed detailed but not persuasive. I’d put a record on then realise I wasn’t enjoying listening so much. My attention would wander. At volume, I even started leaving the room as it was all a bit much.
Sounded better in the hall!

Happy to say that reintroducing the SC2 has brought the music back, in spades. Like those lens-changer things at opticians, you can see the letters but it’s fuzzy & hard to quite make it out, then click! and everything snaps magically into focus.

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Ugrading Naim power supplies usually makes a large impact on performance of all components I have tried. Preamps, stageline, CD players all improved with an upgraded PS.

I’d generally agree of course, but not always in some cases: HCDR with Superline. More hifi, less music. To my ears/room/system natch.

Oh the Supercap + Superline… I hope to have that one day. :blush:

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If for any reason I had to lose my SuperCap, I could happily live with with my SuperLine powered by my 552’s Aux.

Yes, I think I’ve reached that conclusion too.
Listening was more rewarding with Aux2.
Not as ‘hi fi’ as the HCDR.

But here’s hoping I don’t have to lose the SC!

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