Your 30 best jazz fusion albums


I see a lot already on that collage

Located two along and three down is Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger And The Trinity album Open.

Jazz Fusion?

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Hi @frenchrooster, is this your own collage / list, or is it from somewhere else? Also, there are 60 shown!

Although the image is not very clear, I can still recognise many of the cover designs. Personally, I wouldn’t put some of those in that genre, however there is plenty of great music in the selection.

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Hi guys, it’s not my list , just to have a picture for the thread.
I will very soon post mine.
I agree , Julie Driscoll is not fusion. Brian Auger is between rock and rock/ jazz. I love the Oblivion express.

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So here my list. 44 albums, because I have no place more to take them on picture.


The following side


@RexManning , StevieBee, Clive, Jimdog….your turn now, if you want.

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Byrd’s ‘Blackjack’ is a straight-ahead jazz album, not jazz fusion. Good album though !

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Miles Davis Agharta, Decoy, Get up with it.
Herbie Hancock : Headhunters, Man Child, Sextant.
Mahavishnu Orchestra: Apocalypse, Visions of the Emerald Beyond
Lonnie Liston Smith: Expansions
Jeff Beck: Blow by Blow, Wired.
Joe Henderson : Black Miracle, Canyon Lady, 4 elements.
Freddie Hubbard: First light, Red Clay.
Johnny Hammond Smith: higher ground
George Benson: White Rabbit
Stanley Clarke: Stanley Clarke, School Days, Journey to love
Return for Forever : Musicmagic
Luis Gasca: For those who chant
The Crusaders: 1, those southern knights
Grover Washington : live at the bijou
Azar Lawrence: summer solstice
Eddie Henderson : Sunburst, Heritage
Chico Hamilton: Peregrinations
George Duke: I love the blues, Feel
John Klemmer : Magic and Movement
Ramsey Lewis: Sun Goddess
Brian Auger: Live Oblivion Express .
Tony Esposito: Tony Esposito
Mongo Santamaria: Red Hot
Idris Muhammad : Soul Power
Aaron Parks: little big
Jean Luc Ponty: Aurora
Jimmy Smith: Sit it on, « 75 »
Deodato: Deodato 2
Ramsey Lewis: Salongo
Pat Martino: Consciousness
Billy Cobham: Spectrum

44 albums listed


Yes I agree. Some are should not figure, as the Live George Benson, Donald Fagen…
It’s a collage to give a picture to the thread. Not mine.
See mine after.

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Ha, no thank you, I am terrible at these kind of lists, except when they are non-emotional, like keeping count of the collection. Thanks for sharing yours though, I will definitely have a good look!

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You recently wrote that Red Clay is your favourite. Maybe 10 favourite which come to your mind, without thinking ?

Weather Report ought to be figured in there somewhere, can’t see any tho’.


If Gaucho is on there, not sure it should be, Aja certainly should be, imho

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Well thanks for the invitation to submit. Normally I’d spend ages fretting about this kind of thing, but here we go, as they come to mind:

Mahavishnu Orchestra

  • Inner Mounting Flame
  • Lost Trident Sessions
  • Birds of Fire

John McLaughlin

  • Love, Devotion, Surrender (with Santana)
  • Electric Guitarist
  • Electric Dreams
  • The Heart of Things (live in Paris)
  • Friday Night Live in SF (is this really fusion?)

Larry Carlton

  • epon.

Larry Carlton & Steve Lukather

  • No Substitutions (live in Osaka)

Al Di Meola

  • Elegant Gypsy

Miles Davis

  • Bitches Brew
  • Big Fun
  • Get Up With It
  • Panthalassa
  • Miles at Fillmore
  • Live Evil

Bill Frisell, Kermit Driscoll, Joey Baron

  • Live

Bill Frisell

  • East West

Emily Remler

  • This is Me

John Scofield

  • Grace Under Pressure

Larry Coryell

  • Introducing the Eleventh House
  • Level One

Chick Corea

  • Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy

Weather Report

  • Heavy Weather

Pat Metheny

  • Offramp
  • As Falls Witchita…
  • The Way Up

Jeff Beck

  • There And Back
  • Performing This Week

Brand X

  • Unorthodox Behaviour

Soft Machine

  • Softs
  • Hidden Details

That’s 33. I’m sure there are others, but like I said, these are the first which came to mind. You may argue whether they’re all jazz-rock fusion, but I was thinking about adding some Ornette Coleman or Grachan Moncur, or even Dolphy or Monk! I guess it depends where you draw the line, esp. with avant-garde.


FR, Birds of Fire and Apocalypse…but no
Inner Mounting Flame?!

That would be in my top three!

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I have them too, but couldn’t choose all albums….Only favourite, without too much thinking.
Heavy Weather could figure here.

Don’t forget, it’s your favourite albums, not the best jazz fusion of all time. I had to make a choice.

John Mc Laughlin / electric guitarist
Pat Metheny off Ramp and As falls Wichita
Bill Frisell East West
Miles Davis Live Evil.


Could be
As Birds of Fire and a dozen more John Mc Laughlin