Your alternative to Eurovision

With the annual jamboree that is Eurovision underway I am locked in my music room as far away from the TV as possible. What are we all doing as an alternative to watching Euro(Trash)Vision?



Florida vs Boston Game 3

Recorded a couple of nights ago.
Mrs Q watching Wells Fargo PGA Golf


The Eagles are on Sky Arts but apparently they mime these days :frowning_face:

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Sherlock with Ian McK, then Fools and Horses (wife favourite). Now, bit of sky scanning (in hope but doubtful).

Sorry to be a psrty pooper, I am watching ESC now. Haven’t done this in years. It has improved in general with the exception of the UK and certain others. I like the diversity

We watched the movie One Love - Bob Marley tonight. Much better now Joost Klein was disqualified for - what appears - no reason. :rage:

A refreshing style of music!

Same. We always watch it 9although I’m watching behind schedule on iplayer this time)I don’t know why because its nothing like our normal ‘listen’ Think this year is better than most with the UK dreadful and Ireland probably my fave.

Oooh… Ch4 3.10 To Yuma

Done deal.


Been out to a local Indian restaurant with friends. Much better idea.

Dancing practice

Made the terrible mistake of watching it.

Next year I am having my toenails pulled out one by one with plyers and no anaesthetic.

It will be a far more enjoyable experience…


Anything really

Quite a coincidence… I watched the same game (Panthers fan)

We’ll see you in the Conference final then I think :thinking:
(40 years an NY Rangers Fan😊)

A couple of my friends are Rangers fans as well :slight_smile: Quite a performance this year from the Rangers.

30 years since we last Won the cup and 10 since we were last Conference Champions.
We’re due😉
A friend of mine is a Panthers fan and he thinks the Rangers are winning the Conference this year and probably the Cup​:crossed_fingers:t3::face_with_peeking_eye:

Very much so
But I still want Florida to win :smiley: