Your best instrumental blues tracks

But this beats anything (imo):

Where is the guitar solo :joy:?

You could have a listen to Roy Buchanan. I particularly like two of his signature tunes, Sweet Dreams and The Messiah Will Come Again. The latter has a talky bit at the start, but it’s an instrumental in essence.

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Those where the first track that came to mind. Sweet Dreams is different class.

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Gary Moore did a superb version of The Messiah Will Come Again. :heart_eyes_cat:


Yikes! That’s good. I’ve not heard/seen it before, but Gary Moore certainly could play. If I’m not mistaken that was Peter Green’s lemon burst too.

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Another mention for Roy Buchanan… A fantastic guitarist. Everything instrumental from Roy is very highly recommended. I had the chance to see him 5-6 times in very small venue before his tragical death and he was simply amazing… Have a listen to Roy’s Blues and Green Onions; just to name a few…


Video cancelled. I will try another one later…

You had posted it some days ago. It’s good :+1:. But not really what I am searching for.

Yes - I thought it was worth posting the link to save anyone interested searching.
I hadn’t heard this before - Buddy Guy’s tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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That one is the best posted so far :+1:

List published on digitaldreamdoor site:

  1. Juke - Little Walter
  2. Hide Away - Freddie King
  3. Albatross - Fleetwood Mac/Peter Green
  4. San-Ho-Zay - Freddie King
  5. Phillip’s Goes Banana’s - Hound Dog Taylor
  6. The Supernatural - John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers
  7. Wham - Lonnie Mack
  8. Strollin’ With Bones - T-Bone Walker
  9. Hawaiian Boogie - Elmore James
  10. Chitlin’ Con Carne - Junior Wells
  11. Thank You Mr. Poobah - Paul Butterfield Blues Band
  12. Roller Coaster - Little Walter
  13. Remembering Stevie - Buddy Guy
  14. Okie Dokie Stomp - Clarence ‘Gatemouth’ Brown
  15. Hookin’ - Earl Hooker
  16. Frankie & Johnny Boogie - Memphis Slim
  17. Lookin Good - Magic Sam
  18. Avalanche - Albert Collins
  19. Albert’s Shuffle - Mike Bloomfield/Al Kooper
  20. Rude Mood - Stevie Ray Vaughan
  21. Cha Cha The Blues - Charlie Musselwhite
  22. 12:15 Slow Goonbash Blues - Shuggie Otis
  23. Blue Guitar - Earl Hooker
  24. Blues For Shawn - Ronnie Earl
  25. Ice Pick - Albert Collins
  26. Easy Rider - Electric Flag
  27. Chicago Breakdown - Big Maceo
  28. Blues Boys Tune - B.B. King
  29. Sweet Ginny - Jay Hawkins
  30. Side Tracked - Freddie King
  31. Unmilitary Two-Step - Rory Gallagher
  32. Bill’s Blues - Ronnie Earl
  33. Blues Fore’ Dawn - Jimmy Thackery
  34. The Blues Walk - Clarence ‘Gatemouth’ Brown
  35. Drivin’ Wheel - Earl Hooker
  36. Boogie Albert - John Mayall
  37. You and Me - Snooks Eaglin
  38. 4811 Wadsworth (Blues For George) - Rod Piazza
  39. The Stumble - Freddie King
  40. Wade In The Water - Dr John
  41. Purple - Shuggie Otis
  42. Sad Hours - Little Walter
  43. Jam On a Monday Morning - Buddy Guy
  44. Tribute To Elmore James - Roy Buchanan
  45. The Messiah Will Come - Jimmy Thackery
  46. Hey Jose - Ronnie Earl
  47. Whammer Jammer - J. Geils Band
  48. Blues We Like - B.B. King
  49. Christo Redemptor - Charlie Musselwhite
  50. Hot Fingers - Lonnie Johnson
  51. The Screwdriver - Earl Hooker
  52. Tribal Dance - Fleetwood Mac/Peter Green
  53. Dirty Girl - Jimmie Vaughan
  54. Really - Mike Bloomfield/Al Kooper
  55. Old Time Sake - Guitar Shorty
  56. Scuttle Buttin’ - Stevie Ray Vaughan
  57. The Deacon’s Hop - Big Jay McNeely
  58. Z Rider - Sonny Landreth
  59. Blues For Otis Rush - Ronnie Earl
  60. Roy’s Blues - Jimmy Thackery
  61. Blues In D Natural - Earl Hooker
  62. Harlem Nocturne - Charlie Musselwhite
  63. Driven’ Slow - Johnny London
  64. Night Train - Jimmy Forrest
  65. Apollo Jump - Lucky Millinder
  66. Screamin’ - Paul Butterfield Blues Band
  67. Extra Jimmies - The Fabulous Thunderbirds
  68. Torqueflite 727 - James Harman
  69. Hot & Heavy - Earl Hooker
  70. Sittin’ On Top Of The World - Rod Price
  71. Dockside Boogie - Clarence ‘Gatemouth’ Brown
  72. T-Bone Shuffle - Duke Robilliard
  73. Aint That Dandy - Clarence ‘Gatemouth’ Brown
  74. Down at J.J’s - Anson Funderburgh
  75. Easy - Jimmy & Walter
  76. Messin Round With The Blues - Earl Hooker
  77. Little Johnny Lee - Ronnie Earl
  78. A Handfull of Riffs - Lonnie Johnson
  79. Blues For Nothing - Mike Bloomfield/Al Kooper
  80. Spann’s Stomp - Otis Spann
  81. Jigsaw Puzzle Blues - Fleetwood Mac
  82. Cold Feet - Albert King
  83. The Clock Strikes Twelve - Bo Diddley
  84. Evan’s Shuffle - Muddy Waters
  85. Off The Wall - Little Walter
  86. The Late Frieght Twist - Johnny Guitar Watson
  87. Overall Junction - Albert King
  88. Stop - Mike Bloomfield/Al Kooper
  89. Boogie In The Dark - Jimmy Reed
  90. Cincinnati Flow Rag - Rev. Gary Davis
  91. House Rent Stomp - Big Bill Broonzy
  92. Homesick’s Shuffle - Homesick James
  93. The Creeper Returns - Little Sonny
  94. Jukebox Shuffle - Lowell Fulsom
  95. Blues After Hours - Pee Wee Crayton
  96. Cole Slaw - Frank Culley
  97. Mellow Blues - Sonny Thompson
  98. Blues For The Red Boy - Todd Rhodes
  99. Long Gone - Sonny Thompson
  100. Dark Was The Night - Blind Willie Johnson
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I saw that list yesterday and I think you will not find much there that is in the style that you want - it’s mostly traditional blues. I am enjoying this thread which has made me pull out quite a few records I haven’t listened to in a while and alerted me to some new music. I liked the Bruno Lara track you listed and it immediately made me think of Carlos Santana’s style. I expect you know his work but his style is Latin with a strong blues influence, and he recorded a number of instrumentals, such as this:



Of course I know Clive.
I love it :+1::+1:

I tried to find your Buddy Guy track above in an album. Couldn’t. Maybe it’s just on YouTube.
I however downloaded two tracks from him, « Do your thing « and « Ain’t no sunshine « . Not instrumental, but I like a lot.

You seem to be looking more for electric guitar blues pieces and players. Try this. Guthrie is one of the best and certainly most versatile electric guitar players in the world right now. Follow the changes and see if you can keep up with his ideas. This is all improv too.

WARNING: Guitar players should have a stiff drink before watching this.


Very nice, a bit in the Melvin Taylor spirit or Albert Collins.

Three more I love:

Miles Davis / That’s right. From Decoy.
Larry Carlton / Robben Ford : Two bad. From their live in Tokyo.
Roman Pokorny: Japanese Monkeys.

Electric guitars, I omitted to specify in the title of my thread,

Check out Larry Carlton’s “Blues for TJ,” done in tandem with a guy named BB King. The entire cut is 100% instrumental blues electric guitar. It is on his album titled “Friends,” - which has some other really good cuts in other genres.

I also think if you are willing to accept some singing, you will find many blues tunes with extended solos that are probably what you want. One that immediately comes to mind is Johnny Winters’ “Be Careful With a Fool.” The Allman Brothers version of “Stormy Monday” is another.

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