Your choice: Dynaudio Focus 160 or Naim Allae

Linn Majik DS, NAP200, Hi-Cap, NAC82


Completely different speakers depends on room, Dynas like lots of space, Allaes close to the wall. Why these 2?

Because I have the Dyns, and I can buy a pair of Allaes for NOK 6-7.000. Just curious on what is your take on it, if you are familiar with both.

Used Allaes for many years and enjoyed them greatly. Very easy on the ear, rithmic and good soundstage. Not the most modern looking speaker. Notice you have quite some Naim pieces in your setup; Allaes go very well with that.
Can’t judge in Dynaudio since never heart them

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Thanks. I hear different things about the mids in the Allaes, though. Some say brilliant, others say naah not so much.

I care about a few things more than others:

PRaT, dynamics, engaging soundstage and fun. Of course realistic, but not so much that it takes away the fun.

What’s your take on the characteristics?

By curiosity; what was the retail price of the Allaes?

It would have varied over time but I think it was about £2500.

I recently bought a near mint pair of Allaes for under £500 from a dealer/trader. I have seen higher prices on eBay.

They are noticeably better than the Credos they are replacing. I am very pleased. They have the attributes that you say you are looking for, in my view.

I can’t comment on the Dynas though.

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Well I had Dyna Contour 1.8s for a long time and they were superb and heard Allaes on more than a few occasions. In my view the Allaes were dull and lifeless in comparison but this is just my opinion and as I said earlier speakers are room dependent.


I guess source, listening room and taste come into play as always. A demo would be nice, but ofcourse often difficult second with hand items.

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