Your favourite small or stocking filler gift this Xmas

A light-hearted threat to share which is your favourite small gift that you received this year. Or one that you gave someone that they really liked.

Mine is a small fridge magnet photo of the cat that lives next door with his staff. He often pops into see me and I take on the food delivery and attention giving role when they are away. If and when my house sale goes through in the new year, I will miss seeing this furry fellow, so it will be nice to have a pic of him on my fridge. In many ways a seemingly insignificant gift, along with being a thoughtful and perfectly chosen gift.


A Beatles mug from a my 2 eldest granddaughters.

My wife buys me a pair of these every year.

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Do we want to know why, or is it a private matter between a man and his wife?

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I’m sure there’s an innocent, if implausible, explanation.



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