Your thoughts on a new tone arm for TT

I have an old Heybrook TT2 which I have brought back into service. I am tempted to upgrade the arm and cart. The TT is currently fitted with a Linn LV V which was a popular ‘starter’ arm in the early 80’s.
Given that new arm boards are not available, can anyone suggest a good replacement arm that would fit the Linn arm board currently fitted.
Would prefer used.

I rate Audiomods and their latest arm is available with Linn Geometry.

Nice, although it looks a bit pricey for my circa £200 turntable (1982 prices)

I had a Systemdek IIX I bought at around the same time. This was fitted with the Linn Basik LVX arm. After many upgrades the LVX was replaced with the Audiomods classic arm, which was a significant uplift in SQ. Like you I had the issue of the Linn Geometry, but at the time I was able to find an undrilled Systemdek arm board to take the Rega sized Audiomods Classic arm, which was about £600 at the time. That arm has stayed with me as I moved up to a MIchell Orbe SE.

Thanks SB, am I right in thinking an Ittok would fit the same arm board holes as the Basik?

I don’t know how available the ittok is on the used market or how expensive, there must have been many sold.

I would like to try a Rega arm as they seem to get good write-ups, although i have no idea if it is a similar fit to the Linn? I don’t mind carrying out mods to the existing arm board but I don’t want it to look tatty with holes left.

Linn Geometry is 211mm pivot to spindle. whereas Rega is 222mm. Checkout the tonearm database on Vinyl engine, its a great resource.

Cheers @SB1911, I will.

Tell me, is it poor form to metal plate over the existing hole and create a new hole further out? I seem to remember the old SME arms, (3009?) had a metal plate and a large slot to assist range of fitting?

Best practice would be to replace the entire armboard, which I believe were plywood on the TT2? A metal plate is not going to give the same coupling charecteristics from arm to armboard. Being rectangular it shouldn’t be too difficult to make up.

You are quite right @SB1911 it is plywood and I don’t suppose it would be too difficult to make one, my main concern is being able to buy flat plywood. The timber I have managed to purchase lately has been horrible.

Ok, so having been coaxed into making my own arm board, what would be a good arm to consider? Vintage would be nice, but I can consider new.

The Manticore Musician or Magician would work very well on a Heybrook TT2. Not expensive either, and both use the Linn type mount.

If you’re looking for something more modern then try a 9" Jelco 750D - also Linn mount, very good and shouldn’t be too expensive.

Otherwise, make a new armboard and fit a Rega RB330 - job done.

if you are fine with buying used, both the Alphason Sonata and Hr-100 plus the DNM Yota should be nice. The Ittok LV III obviously too, but like the Yota probably a little pricey.

Thank you for the options all, lots to think about, especially as I have never given tone arms much thought before.

The Rega RB330 is a tempting idea, I was a little taken aback to see that they are available on Amazon Prime!

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