Your vinyl collection

I sold my vinyl collection. And bought just cds. I just listen to
Certain tracks. Like that they do not stay on my shelf for years
Waiting to be played. And i do not have to listen to all of the cd.
For example with jerry lee lewis i only want the rocknroll tracks
Not the country/gospel tracks.

The cds i no longer want i give them to my grandson and he takes
Them to a record shop and he does part exchange for vinyl. Which
He likes for his collection.


My rare vinyl went to an auction house. With the money i purchased
Cd box sets which are not cheap. Mosaic jazz have great box sets.
Worth every penny.

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I have found that LP’s in good condition, sell well on Discogs.

CD’s … don’t.


That is why jazz cds on amazon are not expensive.

The best price i got for an LP in auction was signed by the everly brothers. £75. And a leonard bernstein signed programme £140.
He liked to chat nice guy.


One challenge not to be overlooked is the whole selling process.

Selling via Discogs (or anything similar) means putting up the ads, reading and perhaps answering the inevitable “questions,” having buyers “flake,” doing the packaging and shipping, and then dealing potentially with fraudsters claiming not to have received the item. I will say that Discogs might be well less problematic with all of this than say ebay. I’ve had 100% good results as a buyer via Discogs.

So an alternative is to pay someone else to do it and give them a cut. This is what we did with our (rather massive) wine collection when we sold it off in 2018. For 20% our local high-end wine store inventoried it, priced it, found buyers, and ultimately just sent me the funds. With LPs I’m guessing that it would be more like 50% but who knows. (No shipping charges were deducted from my share of the wine proceeds; buyers paid it.)


I have some 5000 LPs and continue to buy more. I am 65 and can never hope to listen to everything I have. However, for whatever time I have left I really don’t know what I’ll still play and what I won’t, so I wouldn’t even know what to sell.

I don’t care. I don’t need to sell any of them, and when I am gone the collection will be sold off to a buyer (e.g. Acoustic Sounds) with the net proceeds going 50% to cancer research and 50% to dog shelters. Ditto for the audio system.


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