Your vinyl collection

I recently auditioned the Vertere MG1 MkII.
Despite being super impressed the deal wasn’t attractive financially so I’ve stuck with my more than capable Xerxes 20 plus.

After a couple of hours of listening the dealer commented on the good condition of my vinyl records, asked how many I had and if they were all as good condition wise. Then he said something that got me thinking - he said he’d started selling off a lot of his vinyl because despite being pretty healthy (and younger than me) he didn’t have enough time left on the planet to listen to everything he owned again.

When I got home I worked out that it would take me around 5 years to get through my record collection if I listened to 3 LP’s every day. This is obviously complicated by doubles, triples, boxsets and duplicates and it wouldn’t allow me to play a favourite album regularly.

I’ve run through my collection on a spreadsheet (sad I know) and on first pass have marked just over a hundred I could happily move on.

Has anyone on here moved on part of their vinyl collection for this reason?


Paring down is becoming a preoccupation for me, certainly.

Thinking of giving up work and just becoming a record reseller…lol.

Record fairs…hmmm. Must look into the requirements to get a stall.


I sold on a number of 1/2 speed masters that I had, because I also had the normal issue and/or I thought I was unlikely to play them. This was years ago now.

More recently, I have sold a number of ‘normal’ LP’s, quite easily via Discogs. Seems easier to sell LP’s than CD’s… :astonished:


Whilst not Vinyl I re ripped my CD collection a couple of years ago and disposed of around 10% of my collection as I realised I never played them.

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You could try having two turntables and a mixer.
This could encourage massive dj sessions selecting tracks from the collection. This should allow you to cover a much larger area of material. Providing a healthy lateral thinking over things played.

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The search function is your friend e.g.

Best place to sell vinyl? - Music Room - Naim Audio - Community

Replace the word vinyl with wine and I am going through the exact dilemma.

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Just for a bit of fun I added all my music files (combined LP’s c 650, CD rips c700, with digitally obtained music) into Foobar 2000 and created a playlist. The Duration was 24wk 6d 31:01 mins non stop. I really need to stop buying new records and listen to what I have a bit more!


Never wrote that I was looking to sell, just that I had around a hundred I could happily move on.

Although all my LP’s and CD’s are now digitised I haven’t sold any. About 50% of the CD’s have now found a home in the loft though to free up space for books

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We sold off all of our wine in like 2018 . . . made a tidy profit but would have made more in 2021 at the top of the market. Our local go-to wine shop had someone prepare an inventory and they sold it all, keeping something like 20% of the proceeds for themselves. There is very good demand for “good” wines that are no longer available at retail!


This certainly resonates with me. I’ll also never play a lot of the Vinyl I own because I couldn’t possibly in a likely lifespan as you say and also my tastes have changed much more towards Classical and Jazz and I have way too many 80’s pop and rock records that I could happily say farewell to.
An equally important factor is that I also have finite space to store them and the shelves are getting full…
I’ve decided that the discipline I should adhere to once the available shelf space is full is to adopt a one in, one out policy. I’ll still have way more than I’ll ever play, but they’ll remain a beautiful and cherished wall-full and not become an irksome storage issue…
This is the space available:

This pic was mid 2022 and the space is now 95% full. I reckon around 2000 LP’s capacity. More than plenty.


I have been getting rid of albums I don’t listen to very much and think I can happily live without for about the last 4 years. I am still picking up a decent number of new albums but probably 3 or 4 go out to every new one in. Most are sold on Discogs, the more common, less valuable ones traded in to the local record store.

I had way too many albums by some artists and realized that I just kept going back to my favourite one or two albums so why keep the rest. I can always stream them if I want (there are very few not available). It will also be a lot less effort for my wife to have to deal with when I shuffle off this mortal coil.

All CDs are going as well - it’s actually quite freeing.


I really ought to do the same especially as some of them are quite rare/valuable. I guess the LP12/Ittok might be worth a few quid too.

i’m in the process myself and unloaded about 400 in the last 2 months to fund a trip to vegas

if you are going to sell anything just be very careful as may have rare expensive gems especially if you’re british and spend some time on discogs to see the value of your collection


I’ve got just the right amount of vinyl (about 800 rock/folk, 150 jazz, 300 classical) and regularly listen. The LPs get an occasional refresh with the odd few going for trades at a local dealer. Also 1000 CDs - certainly some which don’t get much play but currently loathe to discard.
I did however sell the most valuable - e.g. pink label Nick Drake, and a couple of rare EMI classicals, at a time when they commanded more. With all the reissues some of these are now less valuable, or harder to sell.


It would take me about 100 days of casual listening to play all my vinyl and about 2 days to clear my “wine cellar” I am clearly doing it wrong :rofl:

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I own around 800 vinyl LPs and a few boxed sets, and having recently boxed them all up into 19L & 35L XL Really Useful Boxes, and then spent an afternoon hauling them up into the loft, I was starting to consider consigning some, or a lot, or perhaps all (!) to ebay and Discogs.

Quite telling in terms how much space vinyl occupies when compared to CDs (side by side in the loft), and also the liberation of space where the records were originally stacked on the shelves.

Mmmm? Something I’ll think about in greater detail when they get let out of hibernation in the summer.

I cut down from 6.400 to 4.400 LPs and sold all of my 3000+ CDs and still mark the occasional LP for selling.
I sold the records I only listened to once after purchasing or bands/artists I don‘t enjoy anymore, if ever.
Went through Richard Morton Jack‘s ‚Galactic Ramble‘ and ‚Endless Trip‘ to discover some records I missed in late 60s/early 60’s and close some gaps in my collection with records I actually listen to.
Spent the money I got on upgrading my name gear.

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To be honest, when I put up the post I had no intention of selling anything, I was just curious if anyone had downsized their collection for the same reason as the dealer who gave the demo of the Vertere.

On getting home, purely out of curiosity, I ran through the spreadsheet of my collection and came up with about a hundred I doubt I’d miss. However, the more I think of it the more I’m inclined to move them on. I’ve looked on Discogs and there isn’t much around for under a tenner and even less in the NM category (at least) that my LP’s would fall under so on a purely financial level it makes sense to not have them taking up diminishing shelf space.

Might just test the water with a couple of recent purchases I’ve come to regret.