Zappa - BBC iplayer

2 hour documentary on Zappa

Super footage of Frank’s life - quite incredible.



Watching it Thursday night. Probably.

Didn’t know much about Zappa. Watched this Saturday night, very interesting and informative.

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On my list to watch.

Is this the recent Alec Winter movie / doc?

Shall be checking that out today after watching, ‘On Bass … Tina Weymouth!’ yesterday. Also on iPlayer and excellent.

Yes directed by Alex Winter


I managed to lose my Joe’s Garage vinyl copy years ago, grrr! Still a regular Spotify playlist favourite, have always loved his guitar work (and sense of humour :grinning:)

Thanks Andy - surprising it’s made it to TV so quickly. Will put it on my watch list.

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Watched it this afternoon. Can’t say I’m a massive fan but I came out of it with a certain amount of respect for the seriousness of the man. Much more satisfying than the recent Velvets film. Thought it was excellent actually.

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