Zen connection problem

Hi I’ve a mk1 Zen NAS that serves the Naim equipment. I am unable to see the Zen on my wireless network despite trying several different connections. Six months ago I sent it back to innuos and it was updated and with quite some messing around we got it connected but now once again it doesn’t connect. Any others have this experience and any solutions please? Thanks

Usually you check for Innuos devices by typing my.innuos.com in your browser. This then discovers any Innuos devices on your network. If this finds none you have a problem. To my knowledge there is only Ethernet connectivity, but I have a Zenith Mk 2.

I use iPeng (iPad) to control playing, but port 9000 (?) gives you the LMS web page, which is not as friendly but does allow you to setup additional album selections (I have classical using genres).

There was an update to 1.4.2 about a month ago but usually you do it at your convenience.

I have always found their support very responsive.


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Thanks yes earlier in the year I was able to access the dashboard via my.innuos after some struggle and in touch with Innuos but no longer. I too use Apple but I think the solution last time was maybe to connect a windows laptop to the Zen and get in to it. It maybe visible via Fing but I can’t identify it as the Zen and the port isn’t open. Oh well

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