Zenith in the rack?

Current set up is below - I assume as the Zennith has a power supply it belongs on the Braun stack?

On the left (brain) have an empty standard shelf on the bottom, then the 552 with large fraim and then NDS with medium shelf with lp12 on top,

On the right (Brawn) I have Phoenix and headphone amp, then 555ps then zennith, then 552 ps with linn on top (has to be on top to accommodate cables. )

Assume that’s a sensible stacking order?



Zenith on the brawn stack at the bottom shelf for me. Didn’t consider the power supply but it just worked best for me regarding the cable routing

Zenith at the bottom of the brain stack for me. Bottom to top is Zenith/552/ND555/500. The brawn side already has five units 552PS/555PS/555PS/500PS/AV Amp.

To keep some balance between the two racks my dealer suggested the Zenith on the brain side as it’s a much smaller power supply that any of the Naim ones.

The above brain arrangement is forced by the size of the 500 head unit. I am however awaiting delivery of an Isoblue extension kit so I can move the 500 down and either the 552 or ND555 head unit to the top. This will make both racks (almost) the same height. The dealer has suggested I retain the Zenith at the bottom of the brain rack to try and help keep Burndies off the floor.

Gary, I am sre you have been asked this before but what are the “stands” you have your ATCs on and where did you get them. They look really nice and stable. Thanks!!!

They look like Townsend Seismic Isolation Podiums.

Mind you they do move when you touch the speaker.


They are Townshend podiums, not cheap but after some successful experiments with isoacoustic Gaia’s I opted the Townshend podiums - picked up a used set.

My room has many challenges including the floor and the podiums were game changers for me.

And yes if you touch the speaker they do gently rock!


You need to correct the spelling of ‘Zenith’ in the title of your thread!

Thanks so much Gary.

Thanks, now corrected.

Thank you. One of my least favourite jobs as a (very) junior lawyer was reading through documents to correct for spelling errors and typos, but I had my fair share of it.

Although I have long since retired, my mind still makes me unconsciously ‘spellcheck’ things that I read almost fifty years on!

Old habits as they say. I’m all about pace and rework, my wife bemoans this quality!

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