1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything hits Apple TV+ on May 21

“1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything” hits Apple TV+ on May 21… Now this could be very interesting for Apple TV+ subscribers, esp with Asif Kapadia as a producer…

" The series will examine artists and songs that we still listen to today, including The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, The Who, Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed and more. But more than a musical retrospective, 1971 shows how these icons were influenced by the history happening around them, and how they in turn influenced events."

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There’s a still current thread on 1971

Although this the subject here focuses on Apple TV’s programme about the year and music, I wonder if this would fit better there? (Suggestion to @Richard.Dane )

Yes, I know about the thread, but wondered if it’d be better here being a dedicated TV show? Will post it in there also :slightly_smiling_face:

Seems OK here, so long as members stick to forum rules.

May be the first thing I ever watch on AppleTV+.

Apple’s product marketing lead a lot to be desired.

AppleTV hardware for nearly 15 years.

AppleTV ‘amalgamation’ app for their wares and streaming services.

AppleTV+ streaming channel you subscribe to.

Confuses the hell out of most punters.

If you can’t wait for the TV show - and even if you can, I’d still recommend it - check out David Hepworth’s highly readable book on the same theme. He cleverly threads together all the great records of this amazing year and sets them in the context of other interesting developments in media and popular culture.

“For you … the music of the year in which you turned 21, or 18 or 16 or whenever you felt most alive, still speaks to you in a way that no other does. There is an important difference in the case of me and 1971. The difference is this: I’m right.”

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