1x NAP 300 V 2x NAP 250?

Hi all,

Does anyone have experience of this comparison or a learned opinion from a technical POV?

Once again on the UG path and looking at the power amp end. Front end will be NDX2 + 252 and have had (and enjoyed) a 300 pairing for this previously. However I wonder if the advantage of going for 2x 250 DR’s with a SNAXO 242 would be a better way to go over the 300 on its own?

Speakers are Tannoy Legacy Cheviots btw.

Opinions appreciated.

As far as I’m aware Naim don’t offer a SNAXO for the Tannoy speakers so this option isn’t available to you.

If I were looking to improve your system I’m be popping a power supply on your bare NDX2.


Aghh, thank you Trickydickie, glad I asked in this case… I have the XPS on the NDX so on the right lines there.

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@Batfink the 250 route would only work with active speakers that are supported by Naim which are limited to Naim & Kudos mainly. For Biamping I would stick to the 300.

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Have a look at the Exposure active crossover. I believe this can be configured to suit a range of loudspeaker brands. I’ve not heard it, but I know a very reputable retailer who has started demonstrating it.

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Unless you modify them, the Tannoys don’t support active operation. You could bi amp them (you don’t need a Snaxo for this), but with their sensitivity, is this really needed ?

Many thanks Clive.

Thanks james. I ve not bi-amp’d before, would you imagine a performance gain to do this with 2x250’s over 1x 300?

That’s a difficult one. You’d really need to audition the two combinations. Your Tannoys are a pretty easy load so I would think the single 300 would better a pair of 250s. Only one way to really find out…


PS - Lovely speakers BTW.

For a real improvement I’d be looking at a 555 PS for the NDX2.

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Thanks James, I appreciate the opinion.

Thanks HH. Interesting… TBH I’ve added XPS DRs to two NDX2’s on different systems and was underwhelmed with the improvement both times. Some yes, lots no. Certainly not what is now £4300. Did you move from XPS to the 555 and saw the big improvement?

It’s something I did with a 272. It’s worth trying, and comparing with the power amp options.

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Hi @hungryhalibut Been giving this some thought and have an option of a used 555 to replace the XPS. In your experience did that really make a significant difference over the XPS? Like a £6k difference??

I’m sorry but I’ve not compared the two on an NDX2. I’m assuming the 555 you are considering is DR, if not I wouldn’t go there. The difference in cost shouldn’t be anything like £6k.

Sorry, my misunderstanding, I had thought you’d had that combination. Yes its DR (2019 build) and its going for c£6k, I’d of course have the XPS-DR to sell on following so the diff would be less overall. Keep pausing before accepting the deal as was underwhelmed with the difference heard with XPS and have never has the 555 on any system. Usually a few glasses of wine enable my ‘buy’ finger to work. Let’s see what this evening brings! :slight_smile:

I have experience of the NDX2 with both these power supplies. The 555PSDR transforms the NDX2 into a much more sophisticated player.

Unfortunately it also then hints at the next step up the ladder…


Hi @GraemeH thanks for that. My ‘buy it’ mentality picked up on your term “Transformed” so I can see which way this is likely to go! Agreed also, I can see where this leads… Appreciate the input.

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I have an NDX2 with a 555PS into a 252/250, and I’d suggest the power supply upgrade for the NDX2 first before looking at the amplification. It will bring a much more immersive and refined presentation.

He has already an XPSDR. He is wondering if going to 555 dr would be a big upgrade.

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