2 hicaps, one DR?

Trying this att the moment. Couldn’t resist as I had both hicaps at home. They are both connected to a NAC82

I’ve heard the hicaps are supposed to be matched however that is done? And this surely isn’t a match. It sound ok though and will be interesting to see how it feels in a few days when I unplug the DR.

Olive is in Hicap 1 and DR Hicap 2

I had one with and one without for about five years unto; I got rid of the Headline. No issue.

I’d try your 82 with either the Olive Hicap or the Hicap DR.

If you’re using both at the same time then you’ve got a different regulator version (they don’t have the same sonic signature) of Hicap driving each channel * - Hence the recommendation they be ‘matched’ when running two. Matched can be by type (ie DR, non DR) or when they are of similar age / service history.

*I’m sure I remember reading somewhere on here that the whilst the 282 is split L&R when using two Hicaps, the same applies to the 82, albeit the Tape Buffer power rails are swapped.

IIRC, on the NAC82 the gain stages are split L&R between the two Hicaps - one rail of each on the gain stages, the other rail doing the rest. Therefore, for optimum performance, it’s best to ensure the HICAPs are reasonably well matched.


Seems not as simple as L + R, if i understand correctly, seems 82 and 282 are different also.

I suspect you’ll find the sound is different if you swap them around too.

Most likely. So far I like how it sounds.

Although mixing/matching is not the recommended approach, I thought a DR brought quite a bit to the table along with an olive Hicap.

I think I preferred the sound the way you have them - to me the other configuration was perhaps more detailed but less involving somehow.

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And that’s all what matters…:smirk:


Some knowledge from another site.

`The 82’s circuits are split ultimately into front/back. So that’s [Phono(if used) + 729 stage ] + gain stage. One hicap powers all these for both channels when used; albeit with internal RC decoupling between each and every stage.

2 Hicaps make the fore/aft split happen. 1st Hicap powering both channels of [Phono(if used) + 729 stage ], one chanel per 24v rail; the 2nd hicap then powers both gain stages - i.e. provides separate 24v supplies to each`

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So, both HCs being the same would appear to be less crucial then?
Just a question of where the HCDR is best utilised.

Seems like it. Íll run it like this for a while and then shift them around. It´ll be interesting to hear what happens

Perhaps so on the 82… I’d be interested to know the official line from Naim on the two Hicap split (albeit it’s a long discontinued product now).

The manual states

I’m no electronics expert but looking at the internal layout there appears to be a left right split but only when the link plug is removed and 4 rails of power are being utilised.

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Yes - that makes sense and that L&R split is clear on the 282, but I’m curious on the exact 82 configuration as there seems to be a few different (non official) opinions. Anyway the OP seems to like the DR / Olive mix so if they’re happy… :slightly_smiling_face:

Interestingly the owners manual for the 282 does not show the use of 2 HCs.
One HC, yes. SC yes.

You just need to look in the right place (not always easy in a Naim manual !). Page E11

E11 of my manual is for the 202!
I have issue 4 of the manual.
Not that a lack of it has stopped me fitting 2 HCDRs though!

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I’ve e-mailed someone in R&D who will certainly know the definitive answer here to clear this one up once and for all.

(he’s on holiday, but will let me know the definitive answer next week)


Thanks Richard - Much appreciated :+1: