2 x Hicap on 282

As Guinnless points out the 282 needs the NAPSC to work. I’d stick with the single Hicap DR rather than dual them ( and you can’t officially DR the Olive Hicap)

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How does the 282/HCDR/250DR compare to the 72/HC/250DR? As others have suggested, I would recommend to stick with one HCDR for your 282, especially when you have just received the 282 and HCDR last week. Perhaps get used to it for 1 to 2 years then consider adding a second Hicap if you feel the itch. Personally I wouldn’t bother adding a second Hicap as the 282/HCDR/250DR is very well balanced on its own. I tried 2 HC on the 282 and 1 HC sounds more balanced and better to my ears.


We should not forget that the 82/HC/250 or 282/HC/250 combo is pretty darn good, as it is - let alone adding a 2nd HiCap or a SuperCap.

Everything… is Relative… :face_with_monocle:

I can like my 82/250 with either one or two Hicaps… :grinning:


Collected my new 250DR and second HCDR (ex-dem but very recent) today. Thanks as ever to Paul @ Grahams Hi Fi for his consummate support.

Once all set up, the 2 HCDRs will be in competition with my Supercap2, so this will be an interesting listen methinks. My 282 never had it so good!


It was very interesting when I plugged it in. I’d listened to a few favourite tracks with the 72 to get a fresh memory and then swapped over. First impression was that the soundstage widened and deepened and the tonal balance was smoother. Details emerged that I didn’t hear before. The 72 by comparison was narrower, but it really boogied. It has pep. The interesting thing is that I’ve had to adjust the toe-in of the speakers which was set to compensate for the 72’s presentation.
So which do I prefer…well the NAC282, but the NAC72 wasn’t disgraced.


The 72 is a fine pre-amp and I enjoyed mine for many years. My 72 left before the DR regulators came on the scene but i’m sure a 72 with a DR regulated Hicap would make an interesting combination.

My favourite is the 282 powered by a Supercap, but I suspect a HicapDR powered 282 would be close. I’m not a fan of dual Hicaps on the 282, the compromise in certain areas (IMHO) outweighs the benefits.

It’s a subject that brings many opinions, so as usual, your system, your ears :slightly_smiling_face:


That is a relief to my wallet. :slight_smile: :grinning:

Out of interest @james_n, what do you feel is the ‘compromise in certain areas’ with using 2 HCDRs on the 282?

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Naim make a big deal about taking the signals through the power supply as to providing the absolute signal ground reference (0v) at this point. When you start to introduce other power supplies (which happens with the NAPSC anyway on the 202 / 282 but comes with the benefit of removing the load off the pre-amp power supply) and another Hicap, you start to compromise this arrangement. I believe that’s one of the reasons the 252 benefits over the 282, is apart from its ability to utilise more power rails from the Supercap, everything is powered from a single power supply (the NAPSC function is effectively built into the Supercap when powering the 252) and the pre-amp has a single 0v reference from the power supply.

My experience was that adding more rails to the 282 with an additional Hicap brought gains in transparency and detail but at the expensive of timing, hence my preference for either a single Hicap or a Supercap - that’s my particular preference though. You need to try it for yourself as system setup, mains arrangements (hydra, power strip etc) and personal preference for musical presentation do make a difference as to what you find preferable.


Thanks @james_n - a really clear and helpful reply :slight_smile:

I will be trying the 282 with 2HC/1HC/SC2 over the next few days & weeks. Not sure I’m the best, or indeed even very good at noticing & summarising differences. But I’m looking forward to the challenge!


This one has been done half a dozen times at least. Do a search if you want a couple hundred more opinions :upside_down_face:.

Quite a few have found this thread useful. The fact that you don’t won’t bother anyone.


Hmmm… Time to get e new dealer!!!


Perhaps it was me misunderstanding. I doubt he would mislead me. Anyway, time to kick back and enjoy the music.

  • FCXS2 on a 282 = 4/20 (and we say this starting point is in fact very good)
  • HCdr on a 282 = 10/20 (excellent)
  • 2xHCdr on a 282 = 14/20 (excellent +alpha)
  • SCdr on a 282 = 20/20 (superb - but for the money it should be)

I really like that scoring system, makes it easy to understand the cost/benefit of the permutations. Who is the dealer that explained it like that?

I’m trying to decide which preamp to get for my NAP200. I had an NAC82 a few years ago and love it, wondering whether to get one again.


I have never heard a Supercap or two HicapDR on a 282. However on a well known auction site, SupercapDR’s always seem to go for between £2300-£2500. I have always been tempted as if selling one Hicap, it’s basically the same cost as buying a second HiCap anyway.

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Then you’ll be needing the 252…

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Na, not going there Mike. I’ll stick with the 282 until I can ever afford to get myself a 552.



I’ve just added a SuperCap DR to my 282, moving from 1 HiCap DR.

The difference is considerable. I am still in the honeymoon period with my Nap300 which I have only had for 2 weeks but the Supercap does bring a lot more to the system.

I was worried that it could make the 282 sound like it was on speed, I know some people have felt like it’s too much for a 282 but I have found the opposite. It seems to tame and mature the 282 making things more realistic and natural and much less impressive than before, in a good way.

Next step is to get the 282 serviced. Whilst it certainly doesn’t sound off it is 15 years old, albeit I have had it for 8 years and it was an ex demo unit.


I auditioned my 282 with a Hi Cap. I then asked to listen with a Supercap.
I went with the later as the all round improvement was to me worth the additional cost. Once I’d heard the difference I knew it would nag me if I didn’t buy the Supercap.