202/200DR to SN3?



Curious thread, I’ve owned both of these systems over the years. Currently a SN3 + NDX2, partly on the basis of similar logic apart from in my case due to the arrival of children and a major renovation on a period property.
I’ve had a skim through the comments here and if your expectation is to keep the same level of performance from a NAIT as you currently achieve with your NAC/NAP then of course there is always compromise the closer together you bring the components.
The source however is a different matter entirely and adding in an XPS DR or even a 555PS will push your NDX2 to another level of performance however that means adding more boxes ultimately to get to that performance level and you end up going round in circles a bit.
I tend to agree with others comments here on the NAC in so much as you could replace your 202 with a 282 and even power it off the NAP 200 DR if you felt you really needed the space a HiCap was taking up but inevitably with a performance hit, again a Supercap DR would be the preferable power source in that instance.
I would say I’ve been very happy so far with my current 2 box setup based on a SN3 + NDX2, I’m well aware that it can be improved upon but don’t find it lacking. It isn’t ever going to perform in the same way a dedicated preamp and power amp would but then that’s the compromise given that Naim don’t make a 500 series integrated and that in turn leads you to looking at other Integrated alternatives if you are really fixed on a low box count but sufficiently high performance level setup.
To give a point of reference my current thinking is towards a 3 box setup as follows.


You could also in your case look at:

NAC 282
NAP 200 DR

You’d get a much better preamp and don’t need to change anything else and could (although arguably probably wouldn’t want to) let your HiCap go.
Additionally to the above you’d gain a lot from adding an XPS DR or if an option a 555 PS to your NDX2

NAC 202 (or NAC 282)
NAP 200 DR
XPS DR or 555PS

I’d expect even if you did what I’m planning to do with a 3 box setup, you won’t achieve the same from your system as taking a route to replace your NAC with a better one moving from the 202 to the 282.

I’d conclude I’d probably do the following:

NAC 282
NAP 200 DR

I’d certainly loan a SN3 if you can and take a listen, it’s a great NAIT and very capable but not going to give you what is possible with a setup based on a 282 would be my feeling.


Statement has a sensible footprint, it is a little tall but very floorspace friendly, just saying…


You raise a good point here in that the up path is clearer to understand and fairly well defined and a journey taken by many here in the Community.
The path down to more consolidated systems is less clear and typically comes with compromise by definition of the design of these black boxes and isolation and noise mitigation being handled by separation fundamentally.
As good as a Supernait 3 is, it has inherent compromise in it’s design as do other products in the Naim range like the ND5 XS2 as one example.
There’s a reason why a lot of folks that start a journey with a Uniti Nova end up getting a Supernait and an NDX2 as well and beyond that can take a well defined step by adding a NAP 200 and then a NAC 282 with either a HiCap or a Supercap thrown in to either refine that further or allow a step towards a 252 as system expectations and budgets allow.
There’s an argument here that Naim need a 500 Series integrated however the issue here is that has the potential to impact on their current classic NAC/NAP range and building a £10-15k Ultra NAIT comes with a number of design constraints not least the current Classic mechanics and form factor.


Good afternoon everyone.

I’m new to the forum … though not new to hi-fi — I began with a Leak Stereo 30 Plus in 1972. I started lurking here a couple of weeks ago with a view to developing an electronic stream for hi-fi music to operate in parallel to our surround sound AV system.

Whatever. I have surfed intensively, and was struck by an online presentation by Jason Gould a few months ago, which seems relevant to this discussion:

Over the course of an hour, Jason use a variety of music to demonstrate a way of upgrading in six steps from SuperNait 3 to 252/300:

(step 0) SuperNait/NDX2
(step 1) SuperNait/HiCap/NDX2
(step 2) SuperNait/HiCap/NDX2/XPS
(step 3) SuperNait/HiCap/200/NDX2/XPS
(step 4 ) 282/NAPSC/HiCap/200/NDX2/XPS
(step 5) 282/NAPSC/SuperCap/250/NDX2/XPS
(step 6) 252/SuperCap/300/300PS/NDX2/XPS

Steps (1) and (2) I now recognize as being standard improvements to a rather good basic system. It is steps (3) and (4) that seem to me to be relevant to the OP.

For step (3), he uses the SuperNait 3 as pre-amp but replacing the power-amp-section by the NAP 200. This suggests that the NAP 200 is a worthwhile upgrade, which the OP may miss if it is removed.

For step (4), he replaces the pre-amp stages of the SuperNait 3 by an official pre-amp … but skips the NAC 202 for the NAC 282. This suggests that the NAC 202 is only a small improvement, and that the OP may not suffer much in pre-amp terms by changing to a SuperNait 3.

Disclaimer: these inferences are made by a Naim Neophyte based on Jason Gould’s presentation on YouTube. I have not listened to these systems live. (Yet?)




Depends on best Dan? To my ears replacing the 202 with a 282 powered from my then 200 was a massive step up. Of course adding a HC and later SC were further improvements.




The initial thoughts was centered around just 2 box: NDX2 + SN3 but since I already have a HCDR, it make sense to have the NDX2, SN3, HCDR.

On the other hand, if I should maintain my current space requirements of a 4 box (currently NDX2, NAPSC/HCDR, 202, 200DR) I may have this possibilities:

NDX2 + SCDR + 252 + 250DR

Which of the above do you feel would be a better choice ?

Reducing clutter and box count is still something I would like to achieve. I personally find the smaller boxes (NAPSC, HCDR) an eye sore.

Its a good straight forward choice so can you demo?

But you are always going to wish for option one plus a box 5, the XPSDR.

Option 1 is always going to provide more of the music but as had been said the NDX2 only really shows of its best with a XPS or 555PSU. Begs the question NDX2/252/SC/250DR vs NDX2/XPS/SN 3.

Only one way to find out.



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Funny how we hear things differently, I really thought the 282 a paradigm shift over the 202. All down to personal taste.



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If you want to reduce your box count I would go for an integrated higher end amp than the SN3.

If you want to stick with Naim I would go for

NDX2 XPSDR 252 Supercap 250DR *extra box which you don’t want.

Or consider

272 555PS 300DR which would be 4 boxes and sound amazing although it doesn’t have the latest streaming platform

For you once Naim upgrades the 272 it would be an ideal 4 box scenario.

The NDX2 will need a XPSDR to shine so you are in a quandry.

The 282 vs 202 was for me a nice step. But the step between 112 and 202 was bigger in my memory.

The first is obviously much more expensive, but I’d still be suggesting the second with the XPS DR on the NDX2, because they will give the best source signal for amplification. I really feel that at any separates level you need that PS on the NDX2 first, otherwise you never get the full potential out of the amps. This is really the case with the SN too.


Between SN2 and 252/250, there is a big big hole , quite an abyss. The xps dr will not change completely the done.
And Ndx2 is already very good.
Perhaps @popeye should confirm too, and he has only 282/250 and Ndx2. Previously SN2 ( or 3). Since some weeks now.

Funny. I’m sort of in the same boat. I live in Boston but am moving to Santa Monica. For various reasons including room aesthetics I’ve been thinking similarly. I have the 200/202 and NAPSC. Bryston DAC and use a mac for a source. Including TT, phono pre-amp and old Nakamichi deck the morass of wires and cables is merciless. I don’t like all the boxes but in Boston houses have lots of little rooms so the units are hidden from view to a degree.

I’ve also thought of selling the 200/202/DAC though it seems like a hassle…And just getting…Something. My preference would be a integrated with DAC that uses regular old RCA inputs/outputs. One box, computer, table and speakers. Not sure what but there is a unit named for a town nearby that may fit the bill

The spelling is a bit different however, Lynn… don’t walk out of store with the wrong box!

Hi guys

Yes things are really starting to open up now with my system and things are sounding very very good.

I don’t think I would agree with this. My system has become much more open and detailed. I have said this before now, that I don’t think the NDX2 gets enough credit as a bare unit. It really is very good and I don’t think you necessarily have to jump to the standard thinking of adding a power supply first, if at all in my opinion.
I demoed an XPS DR on the NDX2 when on the Supernait2 and it didn’t do anything for me at all.

I do agree with the source first mentality but I do believe the NDX2 as a source is most definitely good enough bare at my 282/250 level.
I am certainly not rushing out to get a power supply for my NDX2. I could and may stay where I am now.




I’d be happy with either system!

I sold my 200/202/DAC V-1/Stageline and replaced it with the Naim Nova to reduce box count and clutter. Very satisfied with the new setup.