250-2 and 250DR visual differences?

You are good Richard.

A 2002 Olive 250. Looks mint inside which is always good. Reckon I’m the first one to have it open in 20 years… Already emailed Darran for a service price.

It’s a big lump of a transformer too.

Hello Richard, just out of curiosity what is the transformer VA rating for SN3? As both the nap 250DR and SN3 are rated @ 80w rms per channel.

The manufacture date for the transformer is 2nd week of 2002.

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Without one to hand I don’t know. I would guess around 4-500VA judging by the size of it? I’m sure Naim could confirm for you ask. It’s physically a lot smaller than the one in a NAP250DR though.

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I’ve always liked the 250 CB/Olive, they are virtually same amp inside.

Never came on with 250.2 though 250DR were markedly better.

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Didn’t spot that. Was more focused on the 600va. Always thought they were 500va.


Can you read the Maker on that transformer…?

Doesn’t look like an H&F…? In fact is looks odd… :thinking:
Is it St Ives…?

(the Holden & Fisher to Nuvotem change point is end 92/start 93, AFAIK)

I was hoping the original photo might show more, but no. Will have to open it up again when home ( out in Brighton this weekend).
The seriel number points to a 2002, so could be one of the last 250 Olives.
In previous threads on nap 250s, id not seen any mention of a 600va transformer, hence my surprise when i opened it up yesterday.
The supplier did not include the xlr 3 pin cable, so ive got no way to listen to it yet.

Not cool… Why on earth not…? Very odd. I would be asking. If the seller doesn’t have it - why…?

Already been in touch. And yes somewhat pissed as the description did say it included the original mains lead ( crabtree) and snaic ( sic).
Im always keen to get what left the factory in terms of box, manuals, leads etc. But clearly sometimes you do have to compromise.
The seller is a naim dealer too…

It should be a Nuvotem transformer. The logo will probably be for Talema as Nuvotem are part of the Talema group.

I had something similar with a HiCap. A generic main leads was supplied - with a low rated fuse - which blew immediately.

I think a gentle complain is needed.

A new Naim mains lead was provided, via the post. Better…

My olive 250 circa 2002.

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Its the colour which I thought seemed odd.

Most pictures of Naim internals show a black transformer… :thinking:


Haha. Had similar with a well known Emporium hifi firm. Generic mains lead and non naim snaic. Eventually sent me brand new versions of both.

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Hah… a mere Youngster…!! My 250 is from 1985.

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The transformer looks fine for the period. Take a look here. The NAP135s used the same transformer;

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Yes, agreed… :thinking:

Seems maybe, that current (!) Nuvotem Naim transformers are black - but their earlier ones were silver…?


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All my older Naim units have H&F - and are certainly black.

Never had the lid off any of my newer units with Nuvotem transformers in them.

More knowledge… :expressionless: