250 burn-in period

How long does a 250 take to burn in? I recently heard one right out of the box and was prepared to be underwhelmed because of that. But I still expected more. One search on this site said 200 hours. Is it that long?

In my experience with the 250DR, longer than that but it will sound quite balanced after 200 hours.

Is having it turned on enough, or does music need to be playing to be burning on?

My 300DR sounded great within a month or less.

Did you just leave it turned on, or did you run music through it on repeat?

I never do anything special to burn anything in (except speakers). I left it on and just played it when I was there to listen to music. But I do that every day for 2-4 hours, sometime more (like on weekends). If I’m not working or riding my bike I’m probably playing my system. In the month of December when I got it I probably put 70-100 hours on it.

I’ve now had it 3 1/2 months and I would say it’s not changing any, so that’s after 200-300 hrs give or take.

Also, I had a 250-2 upgraded to DR in 2018 and it was burned in within a month.

Just leave your naim on for 24/7, turn it off when you are not in the house for the whole day or when there is thunderstorms or lightning.

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I agree, I currently have one for home demo for a few days and it’s straight out of the box. I thought it would be much better than my 200 as I had tried a 250 (non dr) 10 years ago and it was a big step up. Hoping this is down to it being not “burned in”.

It’ll keep changing for 10 years or more until you give it a recap, and then longer until you go completely deaf in old age… :grinning:

It will get better, but if you were not happy straight out of the box…you might be disappointed long term?

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That’s my worry Gazza, My last upgrade to a 282 was incredible from the get go. The 250dr is making me think my cabling is wrong somehow. Anyone got any thoughts on what I could double check?

Don’t worry. Leave everything switched on all the time.

I moved up from 202/200 to 282/250DR myself and was beyond impressed when it came on song…
Be patient. It will sound fantastic. :grinning:

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Thanks for everyone’s input. We’ll see what happens.

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So true

I can only assume my two Olives have been well burned in as I power down when not in use and they always sound bl00dy good on switch-on.

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