250DR balance issue

Hi all,
Apologies if this has been discussed already. I noticed that someone had a similar issue with a pre amp at low volumes.

I have a Nova paired with PMC twenty five 24 speakers. I’ve just brought an ex demo 250DR to go with the Nova until I can afford to go down the complete separates route.

I’ve connected the 250 with the supplied 4 pin din to XLR cable that came with the 250. The sound is much more prominent from the right speaker than the left. I can barely hear vocals from the left channel. There is a stereo image but it’s way over to the right of center.

I’ve tried using the RCA outputs on the nova to the 250 following a wiring diagram on here. When I did this I only had the left channel working.

I have emailed the seller and while I’m waiting for a reply, I thought it a good idea to join the forum and ask the experts.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can offer.

an obvious check might be to power off the 250, and switch the speaker cables to see the problem moves, which it probably will. then power off again, and reseat the 250 4pin-xlr cable in case the cable terminal may have oxidated

I have tried switching the speakers over to opposite terminals and you’re right. The left speaker then becomes dominant. I have also disconnected and then reinstalled the signal cable and the issue is still there. Could there be a fault with the 250?

What happens when you adjust the balance control on the Nova ?

This is a completely different thing because it is caused by the analog volume pot of the pre being unbalanced at very low volume (with some variations between the individual pots). The Nova’s volume control is completely different and of course the 250 has none.

The balance control in the app is set to center. I’ve never moved it from factory settings. I’ll try moving it this morning and get back to you on it.

I understand now, having read the post again I realized my mistake. Apologies. It’s just very odd. Thanks for your reply.

Hi James, I’ve adjusted it to -2 It feels central now. Is this normal? I just assumed that the balance should me at 0 and left at that setting.

It should be at 0. I assume that when you are using the Nova straight to the speakers the 0 setting is fine ?

There was a similar thread a while back.

In your case, without substituting components it’s difficult to tell whether it’s a problem with the Nova preamp output or the 250.

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Yes when just using the nova the balance is set to 0 sounds perfect. When using the 250 I need to adjust the balance to -2
It’s an interesting thread you mentioned. Thanks for posting it. I have used the RCA outputs on the nova with a meridian amp and the balance was perfect. So assuming that the RCA outputs on the Nova are working fine. I’m currently using the 4 pin din output. I’ve ordered a new cable to see if my current cable is faulty. And also ordered a naim RCA to XLR cable to try that.

Would there be any long term damage or effects by leaving the balance set to -2 instead of 0?

Ok that’s interesting. The RCA and DIN outputs are effectively the same so if it’s working fine with the Meridian amp via RCA, then it does sound more likely that it’s the 250 or possibly the interconnect.
Setting the balance at -2 won’t be an issue long term, but it would be better to find out now what is causing the imbalance especially if it’s the 250 at fault - just incase in gets worse and you can’t return it.

Just out of interest what speaker cables are you using and what length ?

Can you unscrew the plugs to check whether there are any loose connections?

I’m using, audioquest rocket 44 with the 1000 series silver plated banana plugs. 6m lengths. I don’t need 6m lengths as yet, but when I rearrange my listing room I will need the full 6m.

I’ve ordered 2 different cables to try, as you mentioned it’s better to find the issue sooner rather than later. I’m guessing it will be Monday now before the seller can reply to me.

I really appreciate your input and advice. It’s been very helpful.

Hi Mike, I have done this and the wires seem to be soldered fine. There was a bit of green on the solder but not sure if this would cause the issue I have. Thinking about it, it probably could. I have ordered new cables to try and determine if it’s the cable at fault or something else.

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Ah ok - they’re pretty benign spec cables so that shouldn’t be an issue. The 250 is more sensitive to speaker cable electrical parameters than the Nova, hence the question.

Sounds like you have a plan so I’ll be interested in what you find. If you’re not doing so already, i’d take the 250 out of service until you have the new cables etc.

Good luck and report back with your findings :+1:

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I certainly will update you on my progress. And I currently have disconnected the 250 while I await the new cables. Thanks again for your help and advice.

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No worries, the various possible balance issues tend to be confusing. When looking for causes it is important to keep them clearly distinguished, so thought I’d clarify that.

I would be careful with them, there are several configurations of Rocket cables and AQ themselves have warned that some of them may not be compatible with Naim. E.g. the “single bi-wire” variant is the opposite of what Naim wants.

I really wish people would keep it simple and use speaker cables created for classic Naim amps instead of unproven fancy ones for dubious reasons.

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Evening all,

I just thought I’d give an update to my issue I had earlier in the week.
Well it seems that the fault was with the nova all along and not the 250DR.

As mentioned earlier in the comments I brought a new 4 pin din to XLR and a RCA to XLR cable.
After trying both cables the problem still hadn’t been resolved.

I tried a friends meridian power amp, and it was exactly the same problem.

I feel really guilty because I have returned the 250 to the seller claiming that it was faulty. When all along it was my own Nova with the issue.

That said, would anyone be able to guide me in the right direction of getting my Nova repaired? It doesn’t make any difference if I use the RCA outputs or the 4 pin din. I have exactly the same issue.

Regards in advance.

But further up the thread

I’m confused.