252/250-users, whats your chosen speaker?

Using a pair of Dynaudio Focus 340 now, theyre a little bit on the «fruity» side for my taste, an my thoughts go to the ATC SCM40.
Did like the sound of the 35 when I heard it ten years ago.

What is a good match with the 252?

SBLs with a 300. Superb, and not fruity. Ultra clean, fast and involving.


Used to have SBL mkll
They worked ok in my living room, but in the attic (my new listening room) with very light wall they were a disaster.
No details, no excitement, no bass (yes the gasket was ok)

Also use to have Allae and before that the Ariva.
I guess the Naim loudspeakers need brick walls behandling them

Indeed they do…

ProAc D48R?

Someone’s going to suggest this, so might as well be me. If you’re interested in SCM40s and with your preamp, you really should listen to the active version. To my ears the 40As give a more musically satisfying and enjoyable sound than the passives driven by a 250DR. By no stretch of the imagination could they be described as “fruity”. ATC have their roots in the studio monitoring world and aim for transparency and dynamics in their speakers but without losing musical communication especially in their consumer range.

I’d strongly recommend a demo of the 40As preferably at home, but then I’m biased!


I have no experience in using active speakers. I have no doubt in beliving that active ATC sounds better than passive ones.
Steve Guttenberg have some thoughts though:

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Looks good.
Looks expensive.
But thats a good thing.

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May be you can take some preloved, sh or exdemo ones; they’re worth it and they’re another marvel.

But i’m in love with ProAc, and so also biased.


But, are you a 252/250-user?

Not really, SN2 + K6, but also Tablettes 10 and SM 100 with non Naim gear; and I know D2, D20R, D30R, D48R and K3:


Well the usual suspects are Neat, Kudos, ATC, Dyna, Focal, Naim etc but ultimately depends upon personal taste and your listening environment.

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Taste and invironment are variables that seems to differ more than my system.
and now with the 252/250 my wallet tells me that this setup is going to stay for a long time.
The 252/250 has a different type of voice than my old 202/200 hence the question:
What is the speaker 252/250 owner prefer?
Or I might be wrong - if a 252/250-owner buys a Supernait, he will keep his loudspeakers.

Well the 252 has by common consent a more mature presentation than the 282 and 202. But the only thing is to demo in your room. How much space can you allow behind and at the sides?

There is nothing special about the 252/250 that makes one speaker more appropriate than another. People simply buy the speaker they prefer to match their room, their budget and the sound they like. There is no right answer.

You don’t mention your source, your room size or your budget, all of which might help elicit suggestions.

Is your 250 a DR version? The non DR 250.2 is quite different and will contribute to the ‘fruity’ sound you mention. The DR is much more fleet of foot.


I used ATC SCM19 speakers with my 252/250 setup… I tried other speakers, but came back to the ATCs…

The ATCs are quite revealing … and the refined perhaps slightly restrained performance of the 252 really gelled with the ATCs I found.


In my opinion there is a lot special about the 252/250 compared to my old 202/200, and the music presentation is quite different - to my ears.
Room size and Budget are variables and much can be done to tune a room (and a budget)
My Sources are Rega P9 (used to have the LP12) and the CDX2/XPS-olive, serviced)
The 250 is non-dr and is Powered by a Supercap (olive-recently served)

My question is actually very simple - do you have a 252/250 combo? In that case, which loudspeakers do you use?
What is a good match with the 252?

Thank you my good man.
At last!


My old 252/250DR really gelled with my SCM 19s too (my 552/300DR are now gelling with them even better :grinning:)

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You mean the Nap 250 is non-DR and the Nac 252 is powered by the olive SC? :wink: