272 - 282 - 222?

Hello guys,

I have an NC 250, which I currently operate with a 272 via a Cardas Audio clear reflection XLR on RCA.

In my opinion, the Naim connection NC to Old Classic is superior - I have already written elsewhere.

Now there is a tempting offer to buy a new 282 heavily discounted.

Has anyone already connected the 282 to the 250 NC?

Maybe already made comparisons with the 222?

As a source, I have an NDX2 with XPS DR.

Thanks for your feedback

You’ll also need a Hicap, so would connect with a pair of Dinto XLR cables. I don’t understand your second sentence, but as you have the NC250 a NAC 332 might be another option.


I have a 282 and HICAP into a NC250. I use Chord Shawline cables.

The 282 is 15 months old; 250 9 months old and both are barely run in after being in storage for months.

Sounds great. Lots of drive and clarity. Suits my type of music…


I haven’t heard the NC 250 but I can’t think of any reason why it wouldn’t work really well, provided you don’t mind the different styles.

I have zero idea about Cardas cables but wouldn’t be surprised if a 282/Hicap would trounce your 272 with the NDX2/psu source - big time.

I’d be more than surprised if a 222 could compete with 282/Hicap/NDX2/psu, apart from being 1 box against 5 (napsc)

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An NSC 222 with an NPX 300 might be able to compete with an NDX 2/XPS DR/NAC 282, although it’s a lot more money! A 222 would be a good match to the NC 250 if that’s the direction you want to go in sound-wise. You might get a good deal trading in. Can you home demo? Only your ears can decide :grinning:.

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Your system needs the best pre-amp you can afford.


the 282 needs a Hicap, preferably DR

Yes the 282 is a fine preamp, happy with mine (282/HCDR/250DR) for so many years, and gave it the best source I could afford, it performs very well… Haven’t upgraded from mine yet…


Yes I wasn’t with the 202 for long but the 282 was with me for many a year, until very recently in fact.


I bought my new 282 a month ago, its still running in, from the last batch late 2022! I really don’t think ill go further although im temped to get a Supercap on it and then get nap300 as im not interested now in going active.

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The SC really opens up the sound further. Traditional thinking would have it that the pre-amp would be upgraded first but the 282/HC pairs very well indeed with the 300.

282 doesn’t “need” a hicap as it can be powered up by certain poweramps and also Flatcap amo.
282 does however benefit from a separate PSU, the preamp was developed when Hicap 2 was standard.

I wouldn’t waste time on a 282, get a 222 and add a 300 (even better a 555). Then you’re set to move on to 300 series if you like.

How much different in cost is that you say?

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Hello and Feliz Navidad,

Thank you for the feedback. I already had a home demo with the 222. Very appealing to my ears with a view only of the preamplifier - but also very tidy…somehow it didn’t really inspire me. In particular, I found the NDX2 with and without PSU more balanced than the streaming experience with the 222.

I sent the 222 back.

But the 272 is not enough for my ears.

I have now ordered the 282 for a really good price new for 3720 euros and hang up my HC DR. I’ll let you know if that’s my way.


Not to mention a down-grade in the source.

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Yeah, wasn’t sure why he had a 272 with a NDX2, either way if he wants to collect boxes there’s lots of opportunities out there. The NDX2 doesn’t do it for me, the 222/555 is a much better path with a 250NC if cost isn’t a concern.

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Broken record


What’s with all the broken equipment? Do you have supply chain issues?

I do like wasting my time with my 82 actually, a lot…