272/555DR/250DR --> 222/555DR/250 observations

I haven’t seen many comments on 272 users moving to a 222. How many of you prefer the 222 over the 272 or vice versa? Especially if you went from 272/250DR to 222/250NC. I would love to hear your impressions.

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We spoke to our dealer about this when collecting Core.

We used to have 272/XPSDR/250DR before going for full separates.

Dealer said we would have been “very very happy” if we’d gone from that to 222/300/250NC.

The 272 is limited by the streaming card. During our upgrade journey we tried NDX2 into 272 and it was a massive improvement on streaming via 272. 222 has that same streaming card and a DAC similar to ND5XS2. So it’s easy to see, with the new volume control improving pre design, why it would be an improvement on 272.

Dealers are all very positive about the 250NC, much improves on 250DR.


Well I just ordered a 222 and 250 so I hope so. :smiley:


I can’t see you being disappointed. Probably needs the 300 at some point or are you using your 555PS?

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I have a 555DR so not too worried. I ordered a legacy cable to hook it up.

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the aesthetics are a concern and wondering if I’m going to get on with the new sound.

555 is better than 300 is the opinion we’re hearing from dealers. Should sound fabulous.

I think naim did say on the NC thread that 300 better than XPSDR but what we are hearing is that 555 is still the ultimate PSU.

As for new sound just take a while to accustom yourself to it. Everyone is telling us it’s different, but good.


that’s what I figure as well. I’m considering this a potential stepping stone to the 322/333 as well.


Long term goals? :laughing:

I’m hoping 3 boxes is enough but I may go to 4 if compelled. No more stacks for me. :smiley:

PS I was just considering NDS/555/333/250

Now there’s a surprise! :thinking:


Following this thread with interest. I currently have a 272/555/300DR and planning on replacing the 272 with the 222. Rest shouldn’t change, at least for now, even though I wouldn’t mind downsizing to 3 boxes eventually (meaning replacing the 300 DR with the NC250).

Like you, my worries are the different aesthetics on my Fraim, and the change in sound signature. Let us know how you’re getting on.

ElMarko best of luck with the new kit. As others have said, the new streaming board just works out of the box with Qobuz/Tidal so no work arounds required - I’m sure you’ll like that. That said I hope the configuration works out and balances from an aesthetic and SQ perspective with your speakers, other kit, etc. I look forward to hearing your impressions in due course.

Looks like I’m having similar thoughts to others here. Currently using 272/555DR/250DR very happy with it, and intend to listen to new Classic range starting with 222 and keeping 555DR. I’ll obviously miss out on the new functionality of the 222/300 combination but sound quality wise I’m guessing the 222/555 will be better. I would then change the power amp to NC250 and wait/save for NPX 500 to arrive :sunglasses:!


Rather late to be asking on here… :thinking:

I’m sure you’ll be delighted with the NC 222/250, I attended a Naim presentation at my dealer and the new kit sounded very nice.

But for 272/250 owners, the upgrade is a whole lot of money and is beset with value and perception considerations that are nigh on impossible to resolve……

If your current kit is at the end of its life and is beyond redemption/servicing to recover AND you have the budget, it’s probably a no brainier to upgrade, even in stages as Naim are now offering C-NC interconnects and burndys foc!

Otherwise, not such a simple decision. I gave it a great deal of consideration but could not find clear blue water between my 272/XPS DR/250 DR and the NC 200 Series, to my ears anyway.

As ever, you pays your money and, certainly with Naim, are rarely disappointed.

Enjoy your new system,


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Yeah, I didn’t feel like waiting. I modified the title to reflect current state. :smiley:

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I can say from experience the NC250 is in another league compared to the 250DR.

It makes the 250DR sound wrong and boring which is crazy as the 250DR is a wonderful amp.

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Here’s how the NC250 and SCDR look next to each other on the Fraim. Should give you an idea what it will look like next to your 555.


This seems to be a consistent observation and I hope you’re right. The only 250 I didn’t get on with was the 250.2 coming from an olive 250. I want to avoid that experience if I can. The 222 is the bigger concern for me, hoping the improved digital translates to a good improvement in sonics.

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