272/555DR/250DR --> 222/555DR/250 observations

I hear the 200 series also wash the dishes, spring clean the house, mow the lawn, do the school run, book your holiday and clean the toilets. I’m sure they can do all this and more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


For Darklands :heart_decoration::100:

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You forgot


I see the NCHC has entered the chat. I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t have much to celebrate if I were still running the 252. :smiley:

Me too! Huge jump in dynamics at a lower listening volume. I‘ll probably get the 300 next year but I‘m in no hurry as it’s been less than 2 months and they are still loosening up.

As posted on the what have you bought thread, I now have a 222/555PS/250DR main system into Fact.8. It is the first time both outputs of the 555 have been used, but otherwise the 555 is well run in and about 5 years old. I shall report back when things have settled in with some thoughts😀 in the meantime a piccy of cables and unit in place.


Looks pretty good. Am I understanding correctly, you’re not using the Legacy to NC burndy with the 222/555?

PS - It would be great if I could use the burndies that came with the 555, it seems like a better solution than the frankenstein burndy.

@ElMarko Hi, I thought you may pick this up and I was confused by the cable you said you are using, so my very helpful dealer (Rob at Adventures in Hi Fi) took this up with Naim and they have supplied the Classic to NC burndies in my photo. Package is labelled as follows:

These are the correct cables and I think you have the XPS Classic to NC. Perhaps have a chat with your dealer?

I’m extremely pleased with Naim and my dealer as I got these burndies and the 222 double Xlr to single xlr as part of the deal with the 222👍


I didn’t realize I could use those cables. I used the Legacy to NC XPS as I assumed it would be the same as the classic side. I used an online dealer since I don’t have one local. I’ll have to reach out.

Hi, I think is probably when a good dealer that is nearby can really score as I was confused by which cables would be best. Good luck!

Yeah, it’s probably my fault but I’ll ping my dealer and see what he says. Thanks for the heads up.

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Two legacy to NC Burndy cables for the 555ps; part nos. 0242 and 0243. Are you using the xps legacy to NC Burndy; part no. 0241?

Yeah, I’m using the 0241 XPS to NC. I expected to use the same cable I was using before (272/555). Didn’t expect to be able to use the analogue and digital 555 cables. The SQ is great so I’m curious if switching cables will improve things.

Interesting, the cables using the 555PS on the NC were initially described as a single to double connection. Now that there are two separate cables, you can get the full benefit of the 555PS, which makes that a more attractive option.


Yeah, I’m a little confused by it. It sounds like the 222 benefits from the ability to isolate the analogue side of the house whereas the 272 did not which is why the SXPS burndy was used with the 272 only connecting to the digital of the 555 and the 222 can use the digital and analogue connections of the 555. Not sure what that means currently since the digital and analogue are connected on the 222 side whereas only the digital on the 555 side.

My guess is that the two cable burndy will be a nice upgrade allowing you to take full advantage of the 555PS. Heck you could add another one :wink:

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That’s what it looks like. It’s too bad we can’t just use the legacy digital and analogue burndies that came with the 555.

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In the UK you don’t get any cables with a 555PS you have to specify what the source component is and get the appropriate cable(s), I guess this is still the case now. The current deal is the only reason I did the swap to 222 because otherwise the switch over from Classic to NC if done in stages is still quite expensive having to factor in the cost of the cables.

Hong Kong here. Ordered my NC222 and the bloody legacy to NC cables (to 555PS and 300DR). These cables here are full price. The new Naim dealer was genuinely shocked at how expensive these cables are. They add USD2000 (!) to the 222 cost. He tried to negotiate some sort of deal with Naim, bearing in mind the current offer for UK customers, but Naim’s response was that “there are no plans to replicate the promotion globally”. This clearly is leaving a very bitter taste in the mouth, and this means no further upgrade for me. I was potentially considering also replacing my 300DR with the 250.3 and the 555PS with the NPX300, but not after spending that much money on cables.

This also is making me wonder what is Naim’s endgame here, especially considering pricing of the new range in the US, Canada and Australia, and after all the shenanigans with replacing long standing, beloved dealers in this part of the world. Does Naim still want international customers?


I appreciate I’m very lucky being in the UK and being able to take advantage of the cable offer. If it helps, I don’t think you would be ‘upgrading’ if you went 555PS to Npx300, so the the legacy cables (you need two to go from 555 to 222) would be long term and therefore be worth the investment. Cold comfort I know, but just trying to rationalise it.

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