272/555DR/250DR --> 222/555DR/250 observations

Using the 555 I don’t understand that impression. I can assure you the 555 is adding to everything with the 222 to the benefit of drive and engagement. I’d be reluctant to mix OC/NC for sources and amplification but I don’t find any issues with using an OC PS with the NC. And it’s nice to be able to extract all the benefit from the 555 now as opposed to using it with the 272 when only one output was used.


PSUs do change the sound and give flavour and character apart from just hifi enhancement. As we know even the same PSU used with a different Burndy sounds different.

That may well be but it’s getting well into the world of subjectivity and confirmation bias. I’ve read accounts here of folks preferring the 555 to 300 in NC set ups so as always to each their own.

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555 is a beast! i would think better than the 300 series psu as we would expect

Speculation really isn’t that helpful. Indeed the opinions of others only inform so much. The only way to tell which psu is best for you is to compare yourself, preferably in your system in your home.


of course its better technically, its 500 series. if you like it or not is another story

I to be fair Naim themselves have said the 555 is better than the 300


Yupp. In between XPS and 555 is what they have said.

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It is still debatable/speculation that a 555DR is ‘better’ (whatever that means) than a NPX300 powering a 222. Unless I hear a direct comparison in this context I maintain it is all speculation as far as I am concerned.

I would never buy any Naim gear based on others’ (even Naim’s) opinion.

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That goes for any component really, until you hear it, is it better?

I’ve read two accounts here, head to head that favored the 555. Pretty small sample. And as we know, Naim say it’s better.

Does anyone know how the 555 functions? Is it three rails? Two digital, one for DAC, and one for microprocessing (volume, display, source switching, etc), and one analogue for the output stage? I’ve read bits and pieces over the years but never really understood it comprehensively.

i think people get confused over “Better” and “prefer” like comparing a steak sandwich from subway to a Gordan Ramsay cooked steak. there is absolutley no doubt that a 555ps being 500 series is technically better than a 300 series one.

i always remember many people back in the day (LOL) preferring a 282 to a 252 but its in no way better. i think people just have strange ways of wording things mate

i think another example of this is when the new classic 250 came out and some were saying better than a classic 300dr but not as good as a 500dr, now the 350’s are out that is also better than a 300dr and not as good as a 500dr. sounds funny doesnt it?lol people just get excited so you are right you have to listen to it


My NC222/300/250 is getting better and better. It is punching way above its weight - all my personal opinion of course.

For me, all bets are off at the moment comparing NC200 to OC.

Yes, better talk about preference rather than better/worse.


i bet it sounds awesome to be fair and that new volume control has to be so much better than the old ones.

two very different product lines as far as i can tell

Yes, having owned most of the OC range, including 500 series, and now owning the 3-box NC200 system, comparisons (from memory) throw up ‘differences’ rather than ‘better/worse’ comparisons, IMV.

I like the way NC gear presents music and I greatly appreciate lower noise levels.

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i bet the new stuff is more forgiving on setup aswel, i think we can agree that classic naim stuff has always been a bit exciting to setup!hahaha especially at 500 series level

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Absolutely, although I have still taken care in my NC set up, but obsess far less about it.

I don’t recall the ambiguity with upgrades in the olive series. Every upgrade was markedly and undoubtedly better. It wasn’t until I owned OC products that the upgrade process became more ambiguous. I didn’t get that immediate sense of improvement as I got higher up the chain, I had to listen for a while and convince myself, and some components flat out didn’t sound good. Not always but definitely more prevalent as I went up the chain.

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thats because of your experience with the old stuff mate, i suspect the reason they changed how the new psu’s work was for this reason. people do comment on how well laid out my system is with cables etc, when i say…it sounds rubbish if that touches the floor etc, they think im mad!lol

all in the setup dude which is good fun but not for everyone

My setup was fine unless you think a full Fraim and perfectly laid out cables with efficient speakers and best sounding room of all the homes I’ve owned is not ideal.