272/555DR/250DR --> 222/555DR/250 observations

well a 252 needs two stacks really, psu’s on one and other bits on the other. the magic happens then

i think this is where nc is much better

I’m glad you convinced yourself. :smiley:

I didn’t need any convincing with the Olive and NC (thankfully).

I do wonder how much the reduction in noise floor is contributing to the overall character b/c it’s remarkable. Live recordings sound unlike they did on previous systems. I feel like I’m in the room among the audience with the sound image of the singer and musicians in front of me. So much detail and separation and realism. Three boxes with OEM cables ftw.


Others reading this might think that ElMarko is exaggerating, but I have to agree with his comments.

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im the only person i need to convince mate

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Personally, I think it’s hard to really get what the NC Series does in a demo. or at the HiFi Shop. It’s at home where you go through your music collection and you get those “Ah Ha” moments that the NC’s come alive.


Gotta love you guys :joy::see_no_evil: the only forum / owners club where having a 7.5k 252 pre amp is an insult
Makes me wonder
Think some of you are losing touch with reality


Didn’t you know that as soon as Naim release a new product, all the old ones sounds broken? Except the Olive and CB series of course. :joy:


It’s not an insult, it’s an observation, it’s just not that great of an amp at that price point, and this was observed long before the NC came out. Out of touch with reality is wasting money on a amp that doesn’t meet my needs, or worse, pretending it does b/c it cost $7.5K. :wink:
Very happy to have the NC now and a reason to spend my money with Naim again.

An infrequent rain storm kept me from riding yesterday so I took the opportunity for an extended listening session. Historically I haven’t been a big believer in the long burn in times I hear about here but it does appear 222/555/250 continue to improve in SQ after a couple months in. Perhaps it’s the 555 burndies still burning in. But wow, I continue to discover albums I’d forgotten about and have a whole new musical and resolving presentation. What a joy.

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@ElMarko I have to agree! For the first 6-8 weeks I felt the only area the 272/555 bettered the 222/555 was the 3d soundstage. Yesterday after 2-3 months ownership the soundstage enveloped me and was really impressive. Very happy with the 222/555 combination. Now mulling 350’s with this combination……….

That’s what I’ve been experiencing over the past couple of days and @Bjm hinted towards the same on another topic.
Likely to do with the familiar, comfortable environment and listening to the music itself rather than the equipment and trying to do comparisons.

For those of you using a legacy PS with your 222 is there any reason to have the SA cables connected? I’m not seeing where I get the benefit of using them. Just want to check before I remove them.

Probably depends if you are using standby and if you are worried about synchronising the logo brightness at the touch of a button. In my case, as I only have the 222, I have nothing to connect it to! If I go for NC or 350’s I’ll probably connect those ‘for the hell of it’. :grinning:

Yeah, I don’t think I’m getting any benefit for the SA connection. I don’t use standby and when I turn off the 222 the 555 is still on. Also, when I change the lighting from the App the 250 does not change, only the 222. Perhaps b/c of the 555 connection. Not a big deal b/c I only use level 1 lighting and don’t need to change it.

There was no adjustment to logo lighting in OC range, just off for some units of certain lighting of buttons or the screen. I think if you have a 222 connected to an NPX 300 the system automation works down one of the burndies, could be wrong but I got that impression from reading the manual.
SA really comes into its own between preamp and source, but using a 222 we already have that built in👍


The odd thing to me is the 222/250 are connected with a SA cable so it seems odd the lighting doesn’t change on the 250 when I change it through the app. I guess the connection of the 555 is gumming up the works.

Yes, I recall Steve saying that would be the case with the classic power supplies.

Interesting. I was hoping that the arrangement you have would work, I was planning taking advantage of the one press standby on the remote to put any new units asleep all at one. Obviously the 555 would be on, just not drawing a great deal of current. Shame if this doesn’t work, but not the end of the world I suppose.

I didn’t think using a 555 would actually interfere, just that you couldn’t expect it have a standby function.

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I don’t understand it but if lighting and stand by are the only lost functions I’m not going to worry too much and will disconnect the cable to get it out of the way.

I don’t use standby so not a big loss for me. I’d rather lose the cable and reduce clutter at this point.