272 display blinking

Hello, I have a problem, it seems not a small one.

I didn’t use my Naim 272 device for about two weeks, then this morning the screen and the Naim logo flashed to greet me, and since then it just flashes and doesn’t work. I was still able to do a factory reset, since then the message “Please wait, clearing network” flashes non-stop. Do you know someone? Any idea how I can bring it back to life?
It was turned on with the “play+input” and “stop” and “ok” buttons, but nothing.
Many thanks

Put the power cable off from your 272. Wait 30 mn. Restart your router during the waiting.

Same situation :neutral_face:
Blink and silence.

Firmware update starts via USB, during Arm update it seems to be fine, the network port flashes, the display says “firmware update…” Then the DSP rewrite doesn’t even start, communication error. Then it flashes again.

Am I understanding correctly this problem is a result of you trying to upgrade to the latest firmware?

Ah. Have you had the updating PC and the 272 connected to your network throughout? The second part of the update is delivered over the Ethernet/WiFi connection, not the USB lead.

I thought you had completed the update successfully, but apparently not.

Have you actually even read the firmware update instructions?

The 272 firmware update is not at all over the air, like later streamers.

No, the device was resting for two weeks, the power cable was also unplugged. I used it a lot before. And this morning after turning it on, this is the situation. It flashes and doesn’t work.
The remote control was still working this morning, I was able to do a factory reset, but since then it doesn’t even respond to the remote control. It is not visible in the network, nor is it visible in the FING application. The Firmware update starts via USB, recognizes the device and shows the current firmware (4.8.0), but it only runs halfway because the DSP rewrite does not start due to a communication error. The program asks for the IP address at startup, but I can’t enter it. It is surprising, but under the ARM update there is a network, the IP address is also visible. But only during an ARM update, and as soon as the ARM update is finished, the network port is immediately disconnected, which is probably why the DSP update does not run, and why the “clearing network” flashes. The network port or hardware should be reset somehow.
I’ve been fiddling with this all day and nothing has changed after all this. Exactly the same situation as in the morning.

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There is no Firmware update on startup with the 272. It just doesn’t work like that. You probably need to take it to your Naim dealer.

Ok, thanks for the explanation. I don’t understand why the unit is trying to update via USB? Hopefully the unit is not stuck in the update process. I don’t know what to recommend but there are threads here were people had their updates hang and how they remedied the problem. Though, if you have a dealer close it’s probably worth taking the unit in for them to examine.

The first part of a 272 update is via USB. But I think it’s developed a fault.

I know, I update my 272. If it’s developed a fault that would explain my confusion. I wonder if he could correct it by trying to roll back the update? Hopefully he has a dealer close.

I wanted the USB firmware update, it went easily with my Macbook, I had no better idea. After the initial panic, I’m starting to see the situation more clearly. I have been working as an IT supporter for 30 years, and I encounter very similar problems every day. The streamer is also a mini computer, that’s how I approach it. Restart, reset, factory reset, firmware update, rewrite BIOS, software update… these proven methods are usually a good solution if the hardware is still intact. I think Naim does the same in the service.
Here, it seems that the hardware (part of it) is still good, because during the ARM update the network function works, then it disconnects again. The network function does not start, the connection is not established when switching on.
I wrote to Naim support, they assured me that there are many issues and I have to wait a long time for a reply :frowning:
That’s why I thought I’d ask the forum hoping for help.

Are you using WiFi or Ethernet cable for the network connection during the firmware update?

Wired connection, WiFi was not configured before.


The wired connection should just work without any configuration. Have you tried an alternative Ethernet cable and a different port on the switch or router?

Also when you do the firmware update, you need the PC/Mac to be connected to the 272 in two different ways. The USB port has to be connected to the mini-USB socket and the PC/Mac and the 272 have to be connected to your home network, for example by Ethernet, but it’s also ok to use WiFi for either of both.

Is your 272 getting an IP number from your router? Also your PC/Mac must be on the same network.

Yes, we are in the same network :slight_smile:
The strangest thing is that after switching on, there is no IP connection, the rear LED is dark, and Naim is not visible in the network. So I can’t even establish a network connection with the MacBook, I can’t give the updater software an IP address that it asks for. Nevertheless, the Naim Streamer Updater via USB starts on the MacBook, and then the network port is activated, the rear LED lights up, it appears in the network identified with the correct name, receives an IP address from the DHCP server, and its web server is available. Moreover, the screen shows “Firmware update…” the screen DOESN’T FLASH! And when the ARM writing is finished, the UTP port is turned off at that moment, the LED is dark, the device disappears from the IP scanner application, the screen flashes again, as before. If I enter the address that I see under ARM writing, it can no longer use it because the port is not active.

It’s very strange, it seems like a clear software error. Can’t turn on the network port.

And you did a factory reset of the 272? How did you do that?

When I noticed the error immediately, with the remote control. Since then, he has not responded to the remote control either.

You can do a factory reset without the remote control working.

You press and hold the OK button on the front of the 272. You should see a menu structure. Navigate to Factory Settings and then navigate to Reset All Settings.

Of course this may not work as you are mid of a firmware update.

Also you can do it another way. This is from @NeilS for a Uniti a while ago but I think this should work for the 272 as well.

“Press & hold “stop” on the front panel while switching the power on, you need to hold it long enough for the unit to boot past the splash screen, so give it 5 to 10 seconds before releasing.
The reset takes a minute or two & should reboot to a connectable state via the default DHCP setting.”

No menu, no response to any buttons, just blinking:
Clearing Network”

It was turned on with the “play+input” and “stop” and “ok” buttons, but nothing.

And have you done this?