272 set up

It’s telling you what’s happening with the remote control sensor;

So this won’t affect it then ?

Have to say I’ve had nothing but trouble with it since I’ve had it

Does it do this?

But there’s no sound?

Nope completely mute , as explained earlier, was working few days ago

There are a few other threads where this seems to be dealt with but can’t find what the solution is

You really need to check your leads and your power amp, so you can exclude them as the cause. Also daft things like are the loudspeaker connections to the power amplifier ok? (Not so daft actually. One of the speaker cables unplugged itself from my power amp and it took me a few days to work out why things sounded a bit one dimensional!)

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Yes but it just seems strange that everything was working then Saturday night the av wasn’t connecting from to , which had previously, but tidal et al were still working at this point , now nothing …
Really hope it’s something simple but I’ve tried everything

Saw this on another topic , what’s a dongle ?

That is referring to the link plug that plugs into the burndy socket on the back of the 272. If you have an external power supply you plug the burndy in there and if you don’t then you use the link plug and the 272 uses its own internal power supply.

So you need a burndy cable or the link plug (which the guy calls a dongle) plugged into the back of the 272.

What power amp are you using?

In the menu you can select connection din or rca.

That’s true. It’s in the settings menu in the 272 and not in the app. There is an output disabled setting there. I wonder whether that has been selected by mistake?!

If it was working previously I assume he has the burndy plug inserted in the back of the player. I assume he doesn’t have it muted via the app. I’d check the slider bar in the app and make sure it’s not “X’d” out.

Thanks guys , yeah burndy in place . Definitely not muted , just raised a dispute with seller , really hoping it’s something simple and can be fixed but wanted to get ball rolling just in case :frowning: :see_no_evil:

Did you connect it correctly at the back?:thinking:

Right quick update , cd player playing through analog output but not digital, still playing with settings and hopefully something will click

Have you gone through all the settings to make sure they are set correctly?