272 set up

Hi everyone and Happy New Year!
I have the same problem with my NDX 1 for years now. A song is playing and suddenly the sound is gone (internet radio, Spotify, Tidal, UPNP it doesn’t matter). The problem is very strange: sometimes my system works for half a year without any faults and suddenly everything is gone. Sometimes it works a week and then nothing. After vacation, when my NDX is switched off, I often need many restarts (router, NDX, cisco switch etc.) until the system works more stable again.
I have had the NDX checked by Naim. No error was found!!!
I have tried various other things: reinstalling the “dongle”, different routers, switch vs no switch, LAN vs Wifi, changing the internet provider and improving bandwidth, firmware updates, factory resets etc. Nothing has helped.
Until today I have not been able to solve this strange problem.

I have forgotten one thing. FM radio always works fine :slight_smile:
Nothing else, also no sound from the usb-stick…So it can’t be just a faulty internet connection.
Another detail: The faulty analog-board was changed by Naim before I bought the NDX second hand…

Ah the logo mute touch feature! A hidden secret :blush:

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It’s hardly a secret. It’s in the manual, which nobody bothers to read because they think they are too clever and don’t need to.

:wave: (Apple generation)

Yeah it’s not the mute , and cd player produces sound :wink:

Have you updated both the Naim and Tidal apps?

There is no logo mute button on my NDX 1.

Cdplayer working but only through analogue
Nothing from digital yet again

It’s probably the output format type, can you change to native?

Just tried that , still nothing but showing as song playing

Is there a phone number for Naim that could perhaps talk me through ?

You should only enable din or phono, not both. If you are playing into a preamp you don’t need line out enabled. Unless you are playing into a dac you don’t need digital out enabled.

So ok explain I layman’s terms because I’ve tried every setting
It’s a bare 272 feeding a separate power amp , what should I set it at , thanks in advance but I’m getting very frustrated, waiting for months to get this , was working now not

If your power amp has RCA outputs you set the main out to RCA, or Din if it has Din. No other outputs need to be enabled.

Enable the inputs that you intend to use.

Connect it to Ethernet. Check it has network and internet access by using iRadio.

That’s it really.

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Done all this HH , if I’m using tidal it shouldn’t need an input eh ?

You turn on the Tidal input in the app and then log in to Tidal. It should then work, so long as you’ve got an internet connection. That can be checked using iRadio as I mentioned.

Yeah all showing as playing but no sound

Reading through the thread it appears the 272 analogue inputs are working via a CD player, amp receiving signal and playing but nothing digital is working via the 272 if so I suspect the DAC is shot in the 272.