272 , Tidal issue

Since 1 week on my 272 ( evening only ) with native Tidal , the stream often stops ( especially during an
entire album play )

( 272 with last firmware )

Are you using WiFi or a direct cable link to the modem?

I had a few problems over wi-fi and evening’s were usually worse due to heavy usage

direct cable link

You should try a power off restart of your 272. If that doesn’t sort the problem, then try a restart of both 272 and your router, allowing the router to fully restart before turning the 272 back on.



already tried , at this point it seems a ISP issue ( only evening ??)

Could be. The old streamers have small buffers so are more dependent on the ISPs network working properly.


Do you have other devices also signed in to the same Tidal account? If so, and another is also trying to play then this can happen, as only one device can play per account. Otherwise, it could be down to another device having downloaded offline content under the same account. If so, it’s best to sign out or deauthorise the other equipment via the Tidal website.

Does it stop and then carry on(drop out), jump to next track, or entirely abandon.
If it’s points to 1 or 2 assuming you are not contending your internet access too severely it’s likely ISP/connection … with a mixture of poor bandwidth and latency performance.

If it’s the latter it points more to an issue with your streamer having with Tidal.

Unfortunately the 272 and the other first generation streamers are not too robust with internet access for services like Tidal lossless and can suffer badly with latency to the point of service dropout and disruption. This was massively improved upon by Naim with the current streamers with a new streaming transport architecture and design which are almost entirely resilient to such things.

I’m trying with a mobile router ( 4G ) connected with cable link to the 272 , works perfectly

At this point is the latency of my ISP ( cable )

Have Tidal family subscription …but each one has a separate account

dilemma : How many kbps for 3/4 hours day of Tidal streaming ? ( I have 100 GB / month with mobile provider 4g )

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No more than 1.5GB at a rough guess.

If you are UK based Google Smarty they do an unlimited 4G data sim for ÂŁ18 per month.

Italy… :blush:

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Ah okay.

Ok, that does sound unusual… normally I would expect the 4G connection to be more latency affected.
Your isp access, is it PON (shared fibre) or DOCSIS (shared coax) and what ratios for up and down.
Both should be fine unless you have huge ratio difference between and down speeds and there is significant other activity on your link.
If your access is with Virgin, I know there have been issues in the past with their routers, I am afraid I don’t know if now fixed… perhaps ensure you are using their latest router and firmware.

FLAC at 44/16/2 varies but assume 1.1Mbps.
Assume 5% overhead
3/4 of a day is 18 hours
Therefore data is approx 9.4 Gbytes.

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I think he meant 3-4 hours a day, so 9.4 GB / 5 = 1.88 GB