272 unable to stream

My 272 has stopped playing tracks via TIDAL or Spotify. I get a ‘can’t play’ error on the screen.

Steps taken so far:

Swapped from wired to wireless connection - same issue

Tried streaming from Uniti Core - works fine

Other digital and analogue sources tested - works fine

Streamed through SONOS port using Sonos to play the track and provide a digital stream to a digital input on 272 - works fine

It seems to be anything that I attempt to stream over the network that fails - TIDAL, Spotify and iRadio

Anyone come across this before?

I have owned the 272 and have had this issue before. It was a matter of updating the firmware, after that everything worked fine again


Thanks Dean - I am on firmware version 4.8.00 which is the latest version

Can I just re-install it again?

You could give it a try.
Otherwise I recommend to contact your dealer. In my case I brought the 272 to the dealer and he updated the software.

you’ve cycled the power?

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Before you do anything drastic, simply log out of Tidal on the 272 (via the app) and then sign in again.

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was thinking that as well, but Spotify and iRadio not working either. guessing the problem is in the 272 itself.

i wouldn’t reinstall the firmware before trying a few other things

There really is no need to reinstall the firmware. Corrupting existing firmware is just not something the 272 (or other green screen streamers) ever do.

Restarting everything involved is the first thing I would try personally.


Turn off the 272, your router and any switches. Wait a few minutes. Turn on the router and let it fully boot up. Then do the same if you have a switch. Then finally turn the 272 on. Hopefully it will then be fine.

Nice to see your little character back again, HH is not the same without.



Of course, my goto solution - turn it off and on again - IT fixes 101, but sadly that didn’t work

Just noticed the UPnP logo on your screen shot. Is this a screen shot of what happens when you play Tidal, because it should show a Tidal icon (if you are using the Naim app and selecting the Tidal option and then playing etc). The UPnP icon will probably only show when you are using something like Tidal on a PC and using something like bubbleupnp which sends the Tidal tracks using UPnP to the 272?

Yes - It’s because I went from UPNP to Tidal, if I had been playing Vinyl beforehand it says that

UPDATE - Spoke to Naim Tech Support, not good news, they believe one of the boards inside is failing - needs to go back for some TLC from Naim unfortunately


That seems like a waste of money.

Buy yourself a Primare NP5/ifi power supply (£600 total) and connect it to the 272 spdif input.

Tidal/Qobuz/Spotify/Roon/Internet radio, plus the bonus of an uplift in sound quality.


You could install bubblesoft on your network (NAS, RP, etc.) and stream tidal via UPNP. That would allow you to stream hires streams as well.


I’d go along with ElMarko’s suggestion. In fact I already do :-). I haven’t used the Naim app for a while. I do everything via bubble, and on the plus side, as mentioned, it will give you access to hi-res streams, including (presumably) hi-res on Tidal when we all get updated (by Tidal) in April.

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My QNAP lacked the ffmpeg for bubblesoft to transcode properly so I ended up installing a container that had bubblesoft running in it. Worked without a hitch and never had to mess with it. Used the new Linn App to control it and hires sounded great. A good option for legacy streamers. There’s a thread here with the details if anyone is inclined.

I would definitely like to see that thread. I am feeling a bit of a Luddite here, what will I have access to on TIDAL that I don’t already and what is being updated (by TIDAL) in April?

Agree with this. Many great affordable streamers today that outperform the inbuilt streamer. Lindemann bridge is what I’m using myself. Recommended.

I used a Lumin U1 mini on my 272 in the past. Big upgrade.