272 unable to stream

In April, Tidal are combining their two current offerings (Tidal HiFi (CD quality) and Tidal HiFi-Plus (Hi-Res)) into a single plan at the same price as Tidal HiFi. Therefore if you currently subscribe to Tidal HiFi, from April you will now also get Hi-Res included, with out having to pay the extra few $£ etc.

At the present moment in time, the use of something like Bubblesoft won’t change what you currently have in Tidal, but it does allow you to add Qobuz Hi-Res streaming. Then from April, if you are a Tidal subscriber, you will have the potential to access to Tidal Hi-Res. I say “potential” as I don’t know if Bubblesoft have to make any changes.

Also note that whilst I’m a fan of Bubblesoft/bubbleUpnp, there are other options available (e.g. Roon) etc.

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well, I’m out of ideas then… :grinning:

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It’s long and covers all the problems I encountered. I have a QNAP TS-251A and the bubblesoft app worked briefly but ultimately had some issues transcoding which meant I couldn’t stream hires from Tidal/Qobuz. Try the bubblesoft app first and maybe you get lucky and it just works. If not skip to the container solution in the thread. I didn’t know what I was doing but some members here dialed me in and the container solution just worked. Never had to mess with it. If I was still running a 272 I’d be using it b/c TIdal/Qbouz sound much better through UPnP than through Naim’s integration.

Here’s where the container discussion starts.

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I found the same when I had a 1st gen NDX. Not only that, but when I tried it (by which I mean BubbleUPnP Server on a Synology NAS) on an NDX2, I found a similar improvement in sound quality compared to native Qobuz, and local streaming benefitted too. Quite possibly the benefit might also be heard on the New Classic streamers, but I haven’t tried.


Only problems I’ve ever had with “just” using the Bubblesoft app for hi-res was because I didn’t have the proxy setting enabled. That’s necessary if you are just using (for example) the bubble software on an Android phone to render to the 272 (and presumably any 1st generation Naim streamer). Running bubbleserver on a pc and then using the Bubblesoft app on Android using an OpenHome render to the 272, I don’t have to use the proxy setting on the Android app.
But for anyone who just wants to test things, it only takes a few minutes to download the bubblesoft app to your android phone, enable the proxy setting for your renderer (e.g. a a 272), add your login detaisl for Qobuz (or whatever) and it should work.

I’m curious as to what problems are solved by running in a container and why…

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Thats interesting - I have Tidal HiFi Plus, because my son was able to get it for me through his student account, but that has run out and I have just been moved to the higher price. Will Tidal move everyone to the lower price of HiFi when this change happens?

Thanks Blackbird - this is very interesting. I have been looking at the Lindemann Limetree bridge and the Lumin - The bridge seems a much cheaper solution vs the Lumin, presumably there was a benefit in moving to the Lindemann?

Have never compared them and had them in totally different systems. The Lindemann app is way ahead of Lumins app. I would only get Lumin if I would use Roon.

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That’s my understanding from the email I received:
“On April 10, 2024, we’re updating our pricing for TIDAL globally. All of our premium audio formats will be available on a single subscription tier for $10.99 USD a month that we’re simply calling TIDAL”

Thanks - Just found that email - it had gone to JUNK!

In the short term I am using Roon to stream - I currently have it running on my iMac but will investigate a more permanent solution at the weekend either onto my NAS if it has the ooomph or if not onto a Gigabyte Brix PC

UPDATE - Since posting this, I have started to get other issues - the 272 has lost its internet connection altogether, and no longer shows the time and wouldn’t connect to my UPNP servers, so I have bitten the bullet and dropped it into my Naim retailer on Saturday for the fixed price repair and some TLC by Naim

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UPDATE - My NAC-N 272 was dropped off to my dealers on Saturday. They tested it yesterday and got the same faults that I was getting - wouldn’t stream from TIDAL, Spotify, no time, unable to change between inputs etc. The tested it again this morning and on the 2nd or 3rd reboot the faults disappeared and it is back to operating normally!

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