282+ 250/300 vs 252+300

Hello ,
I’m in Hong Kong right now for a while and hearing some nice systems here.
252 is discon but sounds real good.
What are your thoughts on these , some I’d buy 2nd hand.

252 with 300DR
I will have to buy a Supercap for this.

282 with 250DR
Here I will have to buy 1/2 HiCap which are easier to buy in the 2nd hand.
250 Discon but there’s still a couple around in shops.

The 282 can be combined with 300DR even though it is not the natural combo as they told me here.

The price difference between them is huge, is the sound difference so?

Hi Avi
I run a 282/300 DR with 2x HiCap DR system and it sounds absolutely perfect.
Sources are a mid level Linn LP12 TT, NDX 2 with XPS-2 DR and a Audiolab 7000CDT via the DAC in the NDX 2.
I find nothing about my system disappointing at all and certainly not matching my 282 with the 300 DR.
Many have suggested that I should consider upgrading to the 252/SC DR, but I find the 282 to be more than capable.
I hope you find this helpful and enjoy the process of picking your new system. :blush:


Like most things audio the best answer is typically always listen to the different combos & see what you prefer. Naim kit is priced how it performs, so as you move up yes you get better performance but different components are voiced slightly different so what you prefer & what works in your room, with the rest of your kit may not necessarily be what is the most expensive. I can highly recommend the 252/SCDR/300DR combo as that’s what I’m currently running & probably where I’ll be staying for a long time. If your speakers & room are up to the task, I feel the additional cost is well worth it but you would need to decide that yourself.

I have run 282 with 1 HCDR, 2 HCDR’s, then swapped those for SCDR all with the 250DR. Then swapped out 282 for 252 & finally replaced 250DR with 300DR, all these combos will work together, so no real concern there.


I’m having an offer for 2012 NAC 252 + NAP300 unopened and unplugged .
He claims only the NAP300 was opened to make the DR upgrade.
He also said he have an unopened Supercap 2 serial 193309, no serial numbers for the previous model yet.
A little dodgy , cause he keeps asking for deposit .
How are the 252/300 of 2012 compare to recent years any idea?

I’d be extremely wary if I were you, anyone that’s pushy like that rings alarm bells for me. It also seems highly unlikely that he has had these sitting in their boxes unused for more than 10 years. At the very minimum get photos of them with proof of date in the photo, same for the serial numbers on the back, then contact Naim support for their history.

Be careful

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Hi @avi , welcome back.

From someone who has just gone 282/SC/250>252/300 I’d say if you can get the 252/300 go for it. Like you I had the opportunity to get end of line new examples and whilst I always knew it would be an improvement I’m amazed at how the improvement, far greater insight to the music, superb timing, textures and rhythm.

Good luck.

Edited: hadn’t seen your 2nd post, yes caution.


So I was all day running around HiFi shops, so exciting !
That guy sent me few pics of the old boxes and kept asking for small deposit that he will refund, I just wanted to know all the serial numbers .
He have 252 + Supercap 2 + 300 all closed in the box never worked.
1.He claimed to open the box of the 300 only to upgrade it to DR USD1000. he claims.
2.After full days of exchanging messages , he agreed to tell me that all the units are 19xxxx, The Supercap 2 he sent me a pic of 193309 on the box.

By Naim , these units are made in 2003.

Even if he’s the most honest guy in the world and the units really were seating in the box for 20 years.
What do you guys think?

You should contact Naim and ask them if they have any records of these items. If they have ever serviced them they will have a record of it against the serial number. They may also be able to confirm whether the items were exported to a distributor in your location.
It’s also possible that a local service facility did the DR upgrade, in which case you should contact them to confirm it.

The age of these items means that you may find that they are in need of a service even if they have had little or no use. If this has never been done you should budget for this, as it’s not cheap.

he claims the units bought in the former Naim agent of Hong Kong (just changed) he will try to get the invoices.
The DR upgrade done by the agent.
Sending 4pcs like this to UK and getting them back will cost a lot.
You have any idea how much is to service them approx?

You woukd need to ask your local agent about costs, as if they don’t have their own service facilities they would be shipping them back to Naim for you.

New offer I have
Ex demo 552.
Now that’s above my league . which means if I’m buying this, I’ll have to store it and continue sometime next year with speakers and streamer.
How much are they going for in UK?

My dealer recently sold a 552 for £9000. It was in good condition but a few years old.

Is this from an authorised Naim dealer? If so they may offer a warranty. Check the age, as the 552 is essentially unchanged for quite a few years now and dealers may keep their demo units for longer than you think, meaning that an expensive service/recap may be required sooner than you might expect. Check that it’s a DR model.

If you have an existing Naim system you might still be able to use the 552 in it rather than storing it?

Hi , it is the ex Naim dealer so no warranty.
It was made in 2020 as per the serial number, I didn’t check which year they started demo it.
I will check re the DR thanks.

My old Naim is 90+92+ out of order CD3.5 , I just got a CD5Si brand new for this system and looking for Flatcap/HiCap to complete, but since I was in so many demos i decided it is time to start a new system and was thinking of the 282+Hicapx2/300 or 252+Supercap/300.
I got now two options:
1.What claimed to be unopened units 252+Supercap + 300 upgraded to DR , year made is 2003.

2.Ex demo 252 year made 2020

Can you still get brand new 552 in the UK?

Yes, the NAC552 is still current. It has just had a minor update so you can now order it with a white logo - the original green is still available though to order.

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What is the going price for them? I see prices going down here in HK for the green , cause the change of agents.

I don’t know what the current HK price is for the NAC552+552PS.

Judging by the most recent UK price list online with UK dealers, the current UK RRP is £26k.

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Changing agents in HK made them go for much lower here , and Im hearing other places too.
I just got Naim fraim
Looking for 552 and 300, I might be too late for the happy hour, but let’s see.

If you are looking for a 552/300 you’ll be needing a superb source to go with it. What are you planning to use?

HH is correct, although I’m not a source first disciple a 552/300 does justify top rate components to be of its best. If streaming I’d say NDX/XPS or a top Chord DAC or similar.