282/250DR....hmmm...or SN3?

I will be in a position to splash out in three or so months and have been mainly thinking about the SN3.

But of course, the forum works its magic and now I’m thinking about 282/250DR if funds allow. I’d definitely need a Headline, but what else (PS etc absolutely a must have?) I have a Stageline.
If I read the Naim info aright, a NAPSC is included with the 282?

Obviously, I’ll hear both beforehand.
Intrigued to know the +/- of both!

Given the newness of the 3, any thoughts re the SN2 in comparison to the separates welcome!

You’ll need Hicap as well. Or a Supercap…


I thought that would be coming!

Extra racking then - a Fraim is part of the wish list (wife permitting)

Just for my befuddled hot brain - is HC/SC a desirable, or a must-must-have?


You have no choice as the 250 cannot power the 282. :blush:

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Thank you - you answered my edit!

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Having just moved from 272 250DR to 282 HCDR 250DR (Ndx2) - and previously having the SN2 - I can say it’s an upgrade. A definite no questions asked uplift across the board.

I used an NDX with the SN2 for a few years. This is a whole different level of insight and connection to the musicians. Fabulous.

As always, try before you buy…I didn’t :scream:.



If you choose a 250 to go with the 282 you will have to have an additional power supply to power the analogue circuits in the 282. The 250 is not able to power the 282. (The napsc which is usually supplied with the 282 only powers its digital circuits).

So a hicap would be required with a 282/250 or if you’re feeling flush and can afford a super cap, that’s even better!

If you bought the next power amp down in the Naim hierarchy, the 200, this can power the analogue circuits of the 282 by itself, so you would not need to buy a hicap to run the 282. Of course, adding a hicap would improve things, but the 282/200 is pretty darn good and a great way of getting onto the high end separates ladder. This would also give you many upgrade options for the future, should you wish.

Ultimately, you need to go and speak with an authorised Naim dealer, who can demonstrate these options so you can decide what’s best for you and your budget.


If your speakers are relatively easy to drive the 200 would be OK. Not as authoritative as a 250 but considerably cheaper (because you wouldn’t need a Hicap).
You could then get a Hicap later and use it with the 200 before trading the 200 for a 250 ( or a 300 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) later on.

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As with Graeme I recently moved from an SN2 with Hicap DR to a 282/250DR using my Hicap to.power the 282. The difference is huge in a every way. You can pick used hicaps up easily enough on line for a lot less than new


@GraemeH @Jason @Svetty @dayjay

Thanks all!
I will definitely check out the 282 combo. Sounds like it could be a good musical investment :slight_smile:

Although I like the one-box approach, 282/HC/250 could well be my nirvana. Doubt I’ll ever again be able to afford the upgrade so…time to go hear these separates!

And a Fraim to put it all on :smiley:

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@steviebee. Well of course you have to do the demo but from my point of view I’m content to have landed at 282/SC/250. But does strike me this needs to be in the context of system synergy. Are your speakers demanding?

Good luck.


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ProAc Response 1 SC…I don’t think they’re demanding. Never checked tbh…

Sources are LP12/Keel etc, Ittok/Krystal and CD5X.

I am very tempted to go back to separates, as I still miss my long-gone 32/SNAPS/250 chrome bumpers…

If the budget allows it should be the better option. I have a mint condition late CB250 :grinning:

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Nice! Wish I’d never sold mine…but, money “was too tight to mention”!

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How much do you use the CD player? I think your CD5X is likely to be a weak link in front of a 282/250 setup. That matters if you use it a lot. If funds for further upgrades may be in short supply, you’re buying a destination system and it makes sense to avoid a setup where you’d be constantly wishing to upgrade a component but unable to do so.

When you go along to audition I reckon it would be worth discussing your whole system with the dealer, or consider second hand.




Thanks Roger, good suggestion.
I use the CDP in about a 75/25 ratio. LP12 being the 75.

I’d certainly consider a CDP upgrade - used but in A1 condition. Same with a HCDR, depending on what arrangements I may make with my dealer, who have been lovely thus far…

I should say, I’m also considering an arm change from my trusty, ancient Ittok to an Ekos SE. And a new Krystal or (doubt I can afford if I go 282 etc) Kandid…

So it’s pretty much going to be a tectonic shift - if funds permit!

Lots of s/h CDX2s out there…:wink:

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Cd5x makes a good second source into a 282/Hi/250, a CDX2 will better it of course but I found it frustrating until I put it on Fraim. If the black stuff is king a CD5x will do nicely to be going on with.
Don’t discount the pre DR models if the budget is tight and they can be DRed later when serviced, or not.

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This will be two boxes, as it needs a power supply too, and it won’t work with the remotes or system automation, if that is an issue for you.

I was in a similar situation and went with the SN2 and maxed out the sources with an NDX2/XPS DR and a HiCAP with the SN2. The SN has a class A headphone stage. If you speakers are not too demanding, the SN3 may be a good option if you want to reduce the box count and focus on “source first”. What sources do you have?

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My system is 282 hc dr / 250 dr speakers are harbeth m 30.1 sources naim 5 tuner,cd5 w f/c2, and linn lp 12 , kore, lingo3 , ekos,krystal, the phono preamp is stageline (i think) inside the lp 12 - powered by the 282 directly , and napsc does come with 282, it is needed so if you buy used make sure to buy both pieces. ihave a double width quadraspire shelving for all but the tt which is wall-mount quadraspire. Don’t know how it would compare to the sn3 but I would expect it to outperform it based not only on price, but by the seperation of p/s from signal carrying components. It’s a well balanced system and would think if you could stretch to it, it would make for a very good long term point, rather than always wanting just a bit more (although it hasn’t stopped me from thinking about it). So it’s very similiar in level to the 282 combo you’re looking at.

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