282/300 bi-amp exercise


a Supercap DR would be more helpful and good fro future upgrade to 252 as well.

You can connect the 200 to the third socket on your Hicap. This is passive biamping, which powers the different sides of the crossover in the speaker. So treble and bass is split at the speaker.

With active, the bass and treble are split in the electronic crossover, the naxo, at line level. This potentially gives a much better result but is more expensive and more complex.

With your ProAcs, active is not possible anyway.

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I don’t know. Home distancing effect. I am in fact opening a can of worm ha ha.

since a spare NAP 200DR
regret of typo error

Top trumps!

The general rule of thumb was a single higher amp will always outperform any number of smaller amps. Therefore I would expect the Nap 300 to better the two Nap 200’s.

The reason being is that the Nap 300 has a bigger frequency response and should always sound better.

If you wish to learn a bit more about the differences between passive and active Bi-amping and Tri-amping then have a read here from the forum FAQ:


Hear that

So rule number one, stop doing funny thing !

Depends if you’re doing vertical or horizontal bi-amping. Using a powerful amp for the bass on both sides and then the weaker amp to do the upper on both sides is a common setup.

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I’ll try out with all resources upfront.
Just to gain some experience if there is …

By all means try it and decide for yourself, if we didn’t experiment we wouldn’t learn anything and you may find you prefer two 200’s which is fine :slight_smile:


I think you’ll find that the OP has both a 300 and a 200. The question is whether biamping with the two is better than just using the 300.

So, the question is, do you put the 200 on the bass and reduce the bass, or do you put the 200 on the treble and reduce the treble.

Don’t look at me, do the tests and let us know which one is best :slight_smile:

If @Charteralpha is of a mood to experiment, perhaps they could extract the DR from the 200 and stick it in the 300.

(I jest, of course.)

The story is, I try to dispose my 200DR bought last jun still under warranty at half price without success. Since I have the spare piece and the 2 hicap upfront, just wanna do an experiment may be this Sun.

Agreed with most of you that 282/300 drive my ProAc already very well, not sure the act will add value or … play by👂


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Sounds like a fun exercise. Please post the results and lessons learned. I’ve always been curious about doing something like this with my SN3 and ProAc D2R’s.

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I’ll have a spare SN2 soon and might try bi-amping with my Nova, as I have all the cables. Do you remove the speaker bridge or is that just when be-wiring?

You’ll need to remove the terminal links on the speakers Mike if you Bi-amp (I assume that’s what you mean with the speaker bridge)

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Yes, Nova to the mid/low on Totem Hawks and SN2 to the tweeter I think. Nova pre-out to SN2 in power amp mode using a SNAIC 3? Should work in theory?

Yes that would do it. I see you already use the SN2 in power amp mode in your main system so you’re half way there.

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PB without an active crossover the OP has zero control of the levels of the two amps. So one will play louder than the other. And it will probably sound like Poop…

In days gone by I did actually have a true Active bi-amp system. I had Apogee Mini Grands. Mini Grands were Apogee “Stage speakers” on top of separate bass cabinets that had a pair of I think 8" woofers so a total of 4 woofers. Then it had the active Crossover called a DAX ( Digital Active Crossover) The DAX allowed for the Level adjustments of both amps also crossover point and low pass filter . There were also the Stage Grand which were Apogee Duetta’s with woofers and the Apogee Grands which were huge and $25000.

Anyway I ran my mini grands all single ended using XLO Reference and Symo speakers cable. Symo was a swiss cable that the Apogee folks thought sounded the best on their speakers… Kinda like Naca5 and Naim. I used an Adcom 5800 to drive the woofers and a Classe’ CA200 to drive the Panels… something like 500wpc. It would have never worked with out the DAX …

I had long 7mt interconnect from Preamp running under the floor up to the DAX and speakers and amps at the other end of the room. Then 2 more pair of XLO reference to the two power amps, then two pair of Symo from the amps to the speakers.

It was a fun system but looked a bit over the top. I have pictures somewhere if I can find them I’ll post them. But lots of pictures if you feel like Googling.